guys. since 1 year from here, we know the final title for 4th season is called "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island." but why the season called this instead of something like "Reloaded" ? This theory may intrested you in topic:

" when Chris started TDI, he used camp wawanakwa for good. Since TDA began, Chris worked with company to put the toxic waste dumps in the whole Camp. Camp Wawanakwa is now mad at Chris for this, so the island is gonna getting its revenge from Chris once for all. "

that's why it's called "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island."

Also, this reason can end the series (NO SPOILERS, BTW) because when you see Chris did something such a bad crime, the island gonna get revenge from him, so something may happen to him at the end. If we see Chris's karma, then i think the series will be end.

What do you think?

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