Note : I've nothing against anyone and all stuffs in this wiki. I just say my Opinion here. Thank you.

Recently, i've noticed there are some chat moderators who don't come to the chat, even though they're still one. But...why?

As you know, when a user will be promoted to a staff member (cmrollbackadmin, or b-crat), they'll get a job to do for a wiki. And they have to do their job because they're still a staff member on the wiki.

As a new rule, a staff will be demoted when they don't edit for a month. So, some of the chat moderators do edits before a month (without an edit) gets completed. But, they don't come to chat as it's their job.

Why a chat moderator should not go to Chat and do their job as CM while they still editing this wiki ? This question is really interesting to me...

As a chat moderator, I'm going to chat usually and take care of it while i do edits. But some are not doing their job as chat moderator. 

Also, the point of the blog is not about Editing before an inactive one month, it's about that Staff should do their work daily and well.

So, what do you think ? Do you agree with me on this ? If yes or no, then Why ? 

P.S. Thanks for reading the blog.

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