This could be the craziest and the darkest idea for a reality show for this. But, back to topic, with the show aired all of its 5 seasons (except in canada and others), next step is TDPI, stated for 2014 fall release date. I noticed that in every season, there are just a minor and a major plot that links all seasons together (Robot Al, most relationships and friendships, etc.). Some of them work good, some of them don't work. With tom guesses another 5 seasons should be aired (the first is TDPI), it seems Total Drama is currently alive. The main thing is, that there might be a main plot that sets for other seasons, although this is seriously not supposed to be in a reality show. It's mostly a fantasy, but i think this would work. Here's the story:

Far far away from another part of Universe, a large alien as known as, "Dark Rama" is searching for three infinity gems to rule the whole universe (as well as earth) and turn all humanity into alien life, with help of his sidekick known as, "The Eldo"

Maybe this could be the most weird idea ever for TD, but kinda works. And for how this arc gonna fit the next TD seasons, look at below descreption: (Note: After TDPI, these are not the real seasons, but they're known for this theory.)

Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Currently, the only season confirmed after TDAS, this will set in a new island with a new cast. 13 episodes with 14 contestants.

Dark Rama theory

After credits scene of final episode of TDPI, an old-looking mysterious man is in a cave for finding an object, after a while, he finds a golden gem and smirks, with saying, "Great, my master gonna be happy now."

Total Drama Back to School (2015 - 2016)

This season will have a mix of all TDPI cast (Ella - Dave - Shawn - Max - Twin-sisters - Sky - Rodney - Jasimine - Scarlett) with a few of TDRI cast (Dakota, who is back to her human form - Dawn - Lightning - Jo - Brick) and another return of an original (Noah). This will take place in a fictional big school, for 26 episodes. 

Dark Rama theory

After credits scene of final episode of TDBS, that old man back in TDPI is now in space, conforting his master's henchman, known as Ronan. As old man gives the gem to Ronan, the henchman says the second gem is in a haunted place (which Chris accidentally sets his next season in).

Total Drama Comedic-Haunted (2016 - 2017)

This season is another All-stars season, taking place in a big haunted place. This season will have more humor than previous seasons, due to the title, along with horror jokes. These are 14 contestants for the show for 26 episodes.

" Eva - Heather - Tyler - Izzy - Staci - B - Anne Maria - Scott - Sugar - Rodney - Sky - Jasmine - Topher - Leonard "

Dark Rama Theory

Before the ending of the last episode of season, Ronan arrives on the planet as he steals the million dollar case, he reveals that he got the second (blue) gem along with saying "Get ready for the Invasion, chris. There's only one step to get before this happens." This makes Chris scared and tells chef to hurry and go to space in no time, with contestants confused what he meant, Chris and Chef go to space to get the third (red) gem.

Total Drama Galaxy (2018)

This is the last season of the series. And this is the season where it's going to introduce Dark Rama, his minions and the plot that is happening in previous seasons. And also tells the story of these infinity gems. Producers told Chris if they don't start a season by now, they gonna cancel the series. So, chris has decided to make another season in a mysterious planet, known as Planet X. The weird thing is that there is the 4th generation of contestants, but they're creatures and aliens, none of previous contestants are returning. However, Ezekiel will make his debut in mid-season. Here are the contestants.

" Raccoon Swear : A raccoon who just talks and can also kick-*ss as well. 

Droot : A tree who's tall and is the closest pal of Raccoon Swear, and talks like a human.

Crystal : A blonde girl who is an inhuman. And her screams are scary.

Piranha : A small piranha who is the nerd of the season.

Nitro-Fluorine : An alien girl who's into scheme and chemistry.

Zavok : A red alien who goes all rage and is the villain of the cast. 

Brian : A green alien who is fat and kinda shares similairites with Noah.

Princess Melinda : A princess coming from a mysterious race. She attracts all guys to herself.

Pepperoni : An alien girl who's made of pizza. "

Ezekiel makes his debut in mid-season, and he's the one who secretly finds the third gem and he gave it to Ronan, completes Dark Rama's wish to rule the universe. In last-episode, Chris and Chef with the contestants attack Dark Rama's tower, with defeating Ronan (who wore a fake costume of Dark Rama and they thought it's ended great once for all.)

Dark Rama Theory

After the credits-scene, Chris and Chef say good-bye to the alien contestants and are on their adventure. While in space, they get a message from the Eldo, who said that they are too late to find them, as Dark Rama is now on Earth and he's now the most powerful creature ever in the universe and has universe in his hand, thus Chris and Chef scream, "NOOOOOO!!!"

Total Drama Movie: The 10th Dimension (2019)

Original idea for producers was to make 9th season be the last thing of TD to have a bad ending with a very big cliffhanger. However, they decided to make a 4-parts movie with each 30 minutes to finish the series in a good way.

This will take place after the 9th season directly, where Chris and Chef talk with those alien contestants and help them in their adventure to save not only the previous contestants, but save the entire race as well.

Part I

As they're landed on the earth (the new home of the evil force), they face a poor guy who knows everything about Dark Rama and tells his back-story, with revealing that Dark Rama was actually Chris' father all the time, in order to take a revenge on his son for an unknown purpose, although Chris doesn't believe this. Ends with all Rama corps arrest Chris and the gang.

Part II

All of them are all in an underground prison, with other races in it. As they escape the prison, Chris and the gang were captured by Ronan's brother, Korath. It ends they're in a place like a gauntlet with previous contestants as Audiences and the eldio is in his evil giant machine fighting them.

Part III

They end up defeating the eldo once for all, and turned all previous contestants back to human life, with them all running throughout the Dark Rama tower, at the end, they they face a mutant Korath as he sweared he'll kill them all.

Last Part

After defeating Korath, they arrived at the top of tower, where they all facing Dark Rama for real. He fights alone with Chris for a final showdown as they watch him. After Dark Rama nearly defeats Chris, reveals that he's his father with Chris screams "Nooo!!!" as well as he murdered his mother as well, which causes Chris rages and defeats Dark Rama once for all, which that darkness is defeated and it never comes back. Ends with everyone having a big party in night.

The End

What do you think of this crazy idea ? Tell me your opinion please, i want to hear. c:

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