I noticed these days I'm not important here. I don't know why. I was here nearly about 2 months and i pretty edit much here about 2400s, I also like this wiki and many other users who let their open arms to join here.

Especially, when i go to chat, I notice nobody cares about me. :( :( I'm thinking I'm just a Jerk. -__- When i'm in rp, mostly I'm out of it, Nobody gives me entertainment, except they saying "Hi Bruce, Hey Bats, ...." but AM i the person who's just need to say hi? (I'm not going to hurt you guys, btw)

Really? I'm a user here and i like to stay here, but you guys kinda hating me, nobody likes me. (i don't know really, but i feel it) :(

(No attentions, btw) guys, Tell me, What should i do? i should to be stay "Jerk"? -____- I got Dizzy and I'm kinda soooooo sad. :( should i stay here or not? >:*(

Note: this is the second time to write a blog like this.

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