After I did a lot of things to this wiki and i helped this wiki a lot...


Batman has finally arrived at 10,000 milestone edits....In less than 9 months.

For thousands of times, THANK YOU. THANKS for let me join this wiki and now, I prove my true powers to you.

And this blog never points to 10,000 special.

It just shows how much I worked for this wiki.


For who wants to know, What happeend to other Villains when i got 8000, 9000. Here it is :

  • at 8000, I defeated Killer Croc.
  • at 9000, I defeated Hugo Strange.

and now, with 10000, i defeated The Joker, once for all. It's unknown what happened to him, who knows ? He may return soon.


Anyways, Hope u guys still be anywhere for me While I'm always there for you. ^^

See ya soon, Batman is always there anywhere. ^^ The Dark Knight likes to fight with Joker ( Batman vs. Joker ) October 9, 2012 (UTC)

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