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    Important Note : The Main Villain i mean from title does not reference to a contestant.

    As time passes, many fans say that every season has their own main villain, like Heather, Alejandro, Scott, Mal, etc. Some even consider Chris McLean as the main villain, and some consider the contestants that have an evil personality.

    But let i say, while writers made these characters like Heather, Al, Scott, Justin, Courtney evil in the series, they have a heart, though this is different for Mal and Scarlett because Mal is not a real personality And thanks to the poor-writing of the season, he was a complete mess and wanted to destroy everyone in his hands without a reason, like a one-deminsional villain. Scarlett is like Superman, where she has a hidde…

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    With TDPI ending, it seems TDPI is one of the finest seasons alongside TDA, TDI, TDWT. And this makes that most of fans don't like TDRI and TDAS, two seasons that weren't pleasing most of the fans. And when i read the comments, it was known these seasons weren't good and for some the other seasons like TDA or TDPI wasn't good...

    So, i'd like to see your opinions based on your view that...which one was better ? 

    The Mutant-Mania Season or Mike and Friends Season  ?

    Hope you read and comment your opinion.

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    As you know, there's going to be a new show with same TD styled named "Ridonculous Race." And as it is confirmed, it'll come before season 6 (which RR is after Pahkitew Island). So, what's the deal with this ? Why such a show should come between two separate seasons ? Chris always announce a new season at the end of each season, so why another show before a new season ? In this blog, i've a theory that Ridonculous Race is actually about using a time-travel themed to prevent the events of Pahkitew Island. And remember, it's not a spoilers nor a fact. This is all made up by me and as i linked every detail together. and it maybe true or all false. So, lets get started:

    It all begins with this picture: This is from All-Stars finale where you see a…

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    There were a lot of blogs about which season was the best or the worst, and the normal ranking based on it. So, in this blog, i'd like to see about how these seasons ranked based on Rotten Tomatoes. But before that, let me say the reception from all 5 seasons based on critics.

    TDI: Critical Acclaim

    TDA: Mixed

    TDWT: Critical Acclaim

    TDRI: Mixed to Positive

    TDAS: Mixed to Negative

    So, in my opinion, my rotten tomatoes ranking based on the seasons would be:

    TDI: 93%

    TDA: 63%

    TDWT: 89%

    TDRI: 71%

    TDAS: 45%

    So, what would be your rankings based on percents ? Comment and share your ideas.

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    Currently, we have 5 seasons. At the end of the most episodes, audiences would see eliminated characters would go on something like Boat to exit the location of the season. So, guys, which one is your favorite and least favorite and why ?

    I'll say mines here from best to worst:

    1: Dock of Shame: With TDI being a classical season, it's surely have a great type for eliminated cast. In this one, the shame is both cool and emotional at the same time, you'll see the audiences' feelings how they feel when their favorite characters gets eliminated or when their least favorite character gets booted. Without doubt, this one is my favorite and there was no risky here, you could get on boat and go to home.

    2: Drop of Shame: Next is for the musical season…

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