Welcome everyone to Hot Impressions, a section in which I will be talking about the latest stuff, of which I stil don’t have a definite opinion , in fact these still have to cool down and become solid, and may or may not change in the future.

So, as every TD fan might know, the first episode of The Ridonculous Race has been leaked; since the episode isn’t officially out I will not review it to avoid any spoiler, instead, as you read in the title, I will be talking about the contestants of the show. Soooo, Let’s-a Go!

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race (TRR) is a spin-off of, obviously, Total Drama; it is a parody of the reality show The Amazing Race in which teams of two people race around the world. TRR works the same exact way in fact there are 36 contestant divided in 18 pairs:

(I will be following the order of the image above)

Tom & Jen a.k.a Fashion Bloggers- A point in favor of TRR is that many of the new contestants are really original, these two are an example: they are the perfect representation of their stereotype, they always talk about fashion and are afraid to ruin their hair, but I find their dialogues more funny than annoying. AS you may know they’re based on Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis the creators of Total Drama also Tom looks like Tyler Oakley if you ask me.

Lorenzo & Chet a.k.a. Stepbrothers- They hate each other and their parents forced them to partecipate in the show. It’s funny to watch them constantly argue but I hope that during the show they will do something new because their relationship could become annoying fast, unless they’re eliminated early on.

 Dwayne & Dwayne Jr. a.k.a Father & Son- Looking at this pair you can notice that TRR unlike TD is not restricted to teens, and that means we are going to see many new interesting characters. Only looking at their design is immediately obvious that Dwayne is the typical middle-aged father who wants to impress his son and Junior (who looks a lot like Justin Bieber) would rather be in another place than being with his father. Right now they are my favourite.

Kitty & Emma a.k.a Sisters- Emma is the more serious one, studying law, and focused on the competition, in other terms an asian Courtney while Kitty is more childish, and just wants to make selfies and meet hot guys in other terms an asian Lindsay(but not as funny). Basically uninteresting and already seen.

Ellody & Mary a.k.a Geniuses- eeeehhh…. they’re geniuses I guess…. they talk in a very scientific manner…. Basically uninteresting and already seen.

Stephanie & Ryan a.k.a Daters-  They look like the fitness-obsessed couples that are totally in love for like a month and then break up and fall in “love” with someone else. Usually I despise this kind of characters but I don’t know why I enjoy watching these two.

Ennui & Crimson a.k.a Goths- Nothing much to say about them because, they had nothing much to say at all, in fact they didn’t say a single word in the first episode but i read that they have a voice actor so they’re going to speak sooner or later. As of now I can say that I like their design ( I might have a crush on Crimson). I hope they do something original, if they don’t I’m afraid I’m going to have to mark them with the “Basically uninteresting and already seen” stamp.

Jay & Mickey a.k.a Adversity Twins- They use the original Cameron design, and as soon as I saw them I hoped that the would bring something new to the table, instead they’re unlucky and fragile boys. Basically uninteresting and already seen.

Owen & Noah a.k.a Reality TV Pros- I think everyone loved their relationship in TDWT and I’m very happy to see how it’s going to shape up. I only hope is that there will not be many Owen fart jokes.

Geoff & Brody a.k.a Surfer Dudes- I like the idea of old contestants being paired up with someone totally new, even though I would have preferred someone else instead of Geoff paired up with another Geoff. Also I think that Party Animals would be a better title for them than Surfer dudes

Kelly & Taylor a.k.a Mom & Daughter- They are the typical representation of a modern american upper class family, with Taylor being the spoiled brat and Kelly is the ”””cool””” Mom (those we find in TV shows like Party Mamas). Even though I like the idea of these pair, I think that Taylor is annoying, not in a funny way like the Fashion Bloggers, while Kelly cracks me up.

Devin & Carrie a.k.a Best Friends- These two were the first contestants to be revealed and from the start we knew that they knew each other since they were babies and that Carrie is secretly attracted to Devin; I personally don’t like how most of the couple are handled in TD, but the fact that Devin might not be intrested in her makes me feel positive about them, in the sense that we’re going to see something new.

Pete & Gerry a.k.a Tennis Rivals- These two are so funny, it’s like watching your dad and his friend competing on a cartoon parodying reality shows. lol

Leonard & Tammy a.k.a LARPers- OH MY…. REALLY!?!? LEONARD!?!?!? Out of all interesting TD characters you pick Leonard!?!? I read that the producers wanted to include Clè Bennet (his voice actor) at all costs, But I mean there were many better solutions like DJ and his Momma (both voiced by Bennet) Chef Hatchet and Chris (Even though Chris competing would be crazy) or Chef and his friend/wife/daugther/son/grandma (assuming he has one of these) or even a pair of two new characters one of which his voice by Clè Bennet!!! Tammy looks okay, also I like that she plays the Ocarina of Time.

MacArthur & Sanders a.k.a Police Cadets- If I had to think of all the possible charcters that could participate in TD or TRR I think that never I would have thought of two female police cadets, and that’s a good thing; as of now i like their interactions let’s see if it gets better or worse.

Jacques & Josee a.k.a Ice Dancers- I like these guys, they always behave like they’re performing, Jacques is always full of himself and Josee often tells him something that makes him realize he souldn’t be full of himself. Another thing is that I find Jacques’ accent a bit annoying

Rock & Spud a.k.a Rockers- They’re basically two idiots, sometimes they make me smile, sometimes they don’t. I’m not one very good at predictions but if I have to guess I’d say that these two are the first pair to be eliminated.

Laurie & Miles a.k.a Vegans- Their stereotype is interesting but right now they didn’t anything remarkable, I hope that they don’t become a Dawn wannabe.

So Ladies and Gentleman that was the last pair of contestants, even though there are some contestants I would rather not have I’m really satisfied with this new cast mainly because there are no OBVIOUS filler characters like Ezekiel Staci or Beardo, that were created only to be eliminated.

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