The ways to be me!

Here are 10 ways to be me!

  1. Think Courtney is EVIL(in a bad way!)!
  2. Be a fan of Jusin Bieber,The Veronicas,Lady Gaga,and Kelly Clarkson.
  3. Be goth and/or tomboy.
  4. LOVE anything Harry Potter.
  5. Read all the time.
  6. Be a little girly too!
  7. Be friends with almost everyone you meet.
  9. Have a crush on someone who is WAY out of your leauge,type,and attraction.
  10. Made your own website!(Wikis don't count!)


11. Go on Facebook.

12. Have a band/great singing voice.

13. Write your own books.

14. Run for class president!

15. Like snakes/have a snake-like body!

Info about me!

  • I hate Courtney because she is soo mean to Lindsay! She doesn't even stay together with her boyfriend most of the time!
  • I just like their music! Justin is soo cute! He is not cute at all!*pause for dramatic effect*He's HAWT! Gaga is very beautiful,influentual,and independant! I support her 1000%! The Veronicas just rock! The song 4-Ever is AWSOME!
  • I am part goth! I like black,dark,ghosts,and well goth stuff! I am 95% tomboy! Most of my friends are dudes,I like dude stuff,FOOTBALL!,and I really get along very well with boys!
  • I just LOVE Harry Potter stuff! Books,movies,websites.ANYTHING!
  • I just grab a book the next minute I finish it! Then I grab another!
  • I am a female(duh!I'm so stupid! Just by reading my name gives it away!)I am a bit stupid! I like skirts and hanging out with my sisters(girl-friends!I have no sisters!).
  • I just have a habit of making friends!Everyone likes me,I like them!
  • Personally I support Edward Cullen! Look closely at your Jacob poster! A zit on his nose covered by not working very well make-up! Plus Edward is cute!
  • I have a crush on AJ!My fear! I just find him attractive in a way! He's cute,funny,etc.
  • I made a webite! Check it out here!
  • I have a facebook account! In search on facebook type in Vicki.On the list look for the image on the right!If you find it that's me!

    This image is my facebook icon!

  • I have a band called The Carbon County Rockers! Also my singing voice is great!
  • I am writing a book collection called The Secret Club!The star is Vicki Linon
  • I am running for class president! I will be a great class president! I am fair,nice,kind,and artistic!
  • Don't ask! My body can slither and bend in certain ways that it should not!!!

My Favorites

TV Show Total Drama
Food Pizza
Drink Soda or Lemonade
Movie Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone
Novel Series Harry Potter
Music Video Barbie Girl
Song 4-Ever
Website TDI Wiki
Color SPARKLY Lime Green
Animal Manatee
TD Male Noah
TD Female Lindsay
HP Male Draco Malfoy
HP Female Bellatrix LeStrange
Hobby reading
Shape Sphere
Month July
Letter D or F
# 16
Ghost Type Spectral(No offence other types)
Sport Skateboarding
Band Lady Antabellum
Female Singer Lady Gaga
Male Singer Justin Beiber
Friend Quality respect
Holiday Halloween
Season Summer
Cartoon TD
TDIWiki Article sentence In the Total Drama Wiki interview Christian Potenza did, he revealed that Chris has been hitting on Lindsay, and if he was a contestant he would date Lindsay, but it would be "completely physical."


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