Hey, today I'm gonna talk about Gwen, who used to be one of the most favorable characters on the show, in my opinion, to the one of the most hated characters on the show, and I'm asking: why?

plan and simple: Gwen messed up with one of the most favorable relationships on the series which most of us like (or liked), f. y. i., DxC. So, since the end of I See London..., Courtney strong fans (well, most of them), suddenly hate Gwen and said that she was okay on Total Drama Island, when the truth is, she was pretty much one of their favorite characters. Courtney fans mostly still like Duncan and belive that Gwen only stall Duncan and she is the bad one, which I can't completely agree. So why I don't think Gwen is the most blame one?

Imagine this from Courtney and Duncan's sides:

Duncan- Imagine that you have a girlfriend that always expect from you to be perfect or Type-A, and always be what he wants, when you, the only thing are you is being okay, under-average, or dangerous, although Courtney always start to be like that from Total Drama Action.

Courtney - On this side, I thought Courtney was a bit wrong, but I saw how she cried and sad she was which I hated! Courtney was definitly wrong until this point because she was just jealous and always thought Gwen was just stealing, but like I said, until this point she was a bit wrong. This actually made me like Courtney even more because I really related to her by this point, because I also so how crazy she went after that episode which somewhat ruined her focuse on the contest and mostly about eliminating Gwen and Duncan. That's mades her became a slave of Al, which made her also be enemy with his "girlfriend", Heather. In short, that's pretty much destroy her hopes of winning any cash from this season, and also destroyed her fans dream.

In short, I think Gwen is less blame then Duncan because he is the one with the girlfriend, who should broke up with Courtney earlier, until she lost some of her loyalty in her elimination's episode.

And now let's move onto Gwen. In my opinion, Gwen may have cause the worst damage, since from all of the three, she got eliminated first. But forget that, and you could actually think that Gwen was trying the vote off Courtney when she actually blame as she was or just say that she is sorry. I also think that Gwen had the worst damage because she hardly said a word after her elimination which sucked for her. Gwen became a bit of background character with no-more reasons to really love her character anymore.

But Gwen could say for herself that Duncan actually kissed her (it's true, he is), and she could also blame Courtney because it's somewhat her fault that Duncan don't like her that much anymore, and hey, it's not the most easiest thing to say to Courtney if she had the chance.

And now let's talk a little about DxG,

In my opinion, they're Total Drama Island's morals and personality was definitly match to each other, which is why I want to see them hooking up, because the first season might have been the best season for all of the relationships or Fanon ones, in case of DxG. Since what they did to Courtney, I didn't like them that much anymore, but it may have been because they were known as the "hated couple". In the end, I want to see them as a real couple already and see if they match as a good couple like I think they could, but I also want to see Courtney happy about this all thing, but because we don't really know what will happen, it's kinda hard to tell.

And now let's talk about Gwen of Total Drama Action:

I am thinking Gwen wasn't that bad in here, she was okay when you think about it. What happened to her is a case of bad luck, as her stupid ex-boyfriend throw the challenges to make her happy, and then she broke up with him so she could be a little more with Duncan, and then some stupid people (and I only mean Justin) thought it was also Gwen idea which mades things go downhill for Gwen. Starting from the way she throw the challenges to her elimination. She got into the aftermath show and everyone started to hate her which I hate, and don't her, it was Trent's fault and Gwen was getting hated from Bridgette, Geoff, Courtney, Katie and Sadie, and maybe even more! Luckily Trent got sort of brain and actually admitted it wasn't her fault and it was his fault which finally take off her hate from other character, but people still didn't liked that Gwen broke up with Trent, and luckily to her he didn't move on for Total Drama World Tour. In the TDA special and for some of the first half of Total Drama World Tour, we kinda got the old Gwen back which I liked, but she still wasn't very interesting as once. In short Gwen was okay in the second season, and in the third season which she need to move down on our list, just a bit.

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