That's right, bit**es, I made it. 2 years, guys.

Even though it was a week and a half ago... that's right I joined in 28th May, 2010... and two years passed... the time runs so fast. :P

I have to thank few people, and don't have time!!!

Okay so let's see... thanks to Silver, Aimers, Nizzy, Rose, Ishni, AJ, Bigez, Cartoon, Bruno, Fedora, Codyfan1000 and Codyfan9000 (lol), Missy, Mousu, Ryan, TDF, CD, Gary, Jax, OHF, Uros, Neko, Comic, N3, Nalyd, Tulle, Kota, WM, TDA15, TDN, MTDM... and some others I probably forgot...anyways, you're all special, some more than others. :P


Bye. BarBarTalk · Contributions 17:47, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

Oh... I'm adding few people I forgot to write... you're also special to me ... so.. Ale, Kgman, Mygeto, TDAddict, Bridgette barf, Jam, Crash, ROCKS, NegativeNoah, TdiAlex, Reddue, Liz, Sam, I think that's about it...I'm sorry if I forgot somebody.. I love you all, it's just hard to forget many people... :)

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