So, we all know that there is going to be a new season of few all stars (Though I wouldn't call of them all-stars, but still), but that's only the first half, plus it's Heroes vs. Villains theme! And than the second half will introduce 13 new contestants (or 13 more failures), which means there are basically two more season! Personally, I would prefer one season of 26 episodes that features 18 contestants that some of them from the TDRI Cast and some from the original contestants, personally as much some of the cast is awesome, I think some of it kinda dissapointing.

Let's start!

I am going to give my thoughts of each contestant that's 99 % sure he's/she's going to return.

The Villains:

Those are definitly my favorite team. I can't wait to see the interactions that's gonna between them! I really hope they will be interesting as hope.

  • Heather - Ah, Heather, my favorite character out of them all. As much as I loved her three-season character development, and her Total Drama: Revenge of the Island cameo was hilarious as well; I don't think Heather will do that great in this season. Sure, her interctions with the other teammates such as Al or Courtney/Gwen will be interesting to see, but alot of people might recognize her as a threat, or hate her. So, my guess, that she's going to be awesome until her elimination, but she will get the boot really early on. All though, she's coming back with full hair, the more the hair, the more she's evil!
  • Alejandro - Al won't do that great in this season in my opinion. He's a robot now which is why I don't think he will be very helpful to his team (Since I am pretty sure he is still in his robot suit). I think, that in some point of the season, Al will become a bit nicer, unless I'm wrong and he's still in his robot suit and he just seeks for revenge, kinda hard to tell.
  • Courtney - In my opinion, Courtney will do amazing this season. I have really big hopes for her, espcially since we all know she might switch teams to the Heroes and she will probably try to be nicer and it will be hilarious to watch her fails. Also, I am just dying to see her interaction with Duncan, Al, Heather, and Gwen. This is drama! Also, I think Courtney will be in the finale 2. I also really hope the Courtney will get a new love interest this season.
  • Duncan - It will be great to see how being on a team with his ex-girlfriend would turn out, I guess they either going to continue their hatred to each other (Or maybe they will come back? :P). It's can go either way with Duncan, maybe he will go far, maybe he will go early, or maybe he will out in the middle. Who knows? Plus, I really want to see DxG develops.
  • Jo - Jo is one of the new contestants who confirmed for the season. Jo has become more funny towards the end, she hasn't been that antagonistic, but more of a... "Over-achiever", kinda like Courtney, only, less dramatic, I do hope to see how her conflict with Lightning would work out, and how she will mix with the old villains. But than again, I don't think she will do that great.
  • Lightning - He was so hilarious, and I felt so sorry for him during the finals of the last season, he definitly deserved to win even if he was a jerk. It's hard to call him a villain though, he's kinda like a male TDA Courtney only less antagonist, much less. I think he will make decently far, but not too far.
  • Scott - I'm not sure if Scott will come back, but if he will, I really want him to make a step up to the game. I'm not sure if he's still in his robot suit, but... if he is he won't be able to do anything and he won't make it far at all. I wanna see him fully-healed though, seeking to revenge. But than again, no one knows if he's coming back for sure, so... :P

The Heroes:

This team is definitly weak. Heck, even a 7-year-old would think of a better heroes. I hope they will get on a losing streak of at least 2 eliminations! Plus there are 3 Mutant Maggots in this teams. Ich.

  • Sierra - Now, don't get me wrong, I love-ish that crazy uber-fan, but it's hard to consider her as a hero, she could be very sweet but she's not that hero-ic, at least in my opinion. I would love to see how she will act without Cody around. But... because he's not around I also think that her elimination would be pretty early on.
  • Mike - Now, don't get me wrong, I liked Mike's multipale personalities, I just think that without them he's too dull, like Zoey. I wanna see him develops, but... IDK. It's just seems he would be a major fail or a great success. I think there is a chance for him to make it to the finals with Courtney or other villain.
  • Gwen - Now, that's a hero, at least her time on Island (and a little bit on the Action) was hero-ic. I wanna see her develop more, besides being "New Heather". If she ends up on the Heroes team I think she will do a fine job. But if she's on the villains, I really want to see how thing go up with her and Duncan. Plus, I wanna see some cat fight between her and Courtney. I see her goes really far, but like Lightning, not too far.
  • Cameron - Too boring and I don't find his actions really hero-ic. Sure, sharing the million with your friends is amazingly nice, but he turned Lightning into a magnet! Some hero. Anyways, I think him as such an underdog cliche. Plus, he's already won a season, so I don't think he made it this far again. During the game I think he will be in a great friendship with Mike and Zoey and in a conflict with Lightning, Jo, and Duncan.
  • Sam - Okay, you're really kidding me, right? It's supposed to be All-Stars, right? Don't get me wrong, I like Sam, but I just think that being in like, 7 episodes isn't an all-stars worthy, sure he was nice and funny, but like Sierra I havn't see too much hero-ic traits. I do think he will do great this season, and him vs. Courtney will be funny.
  • Lindsay - I actually think the dumb blonde might take the mulla in this season. I see her falls for the antagonists actually, because she's really alone this season. All of her teammates are either new, or barely interacted with her (Except Gwen/Courntey), but I think she will be really funny and great.
  • Zoey - Okay, I must admit, as much as I despise Zoey, she is pretty hero consider to Sam or Mike. She's one of the contestants with better chances, all though I want her to lose if she continues to be so clinging on Mike. Because than she would get really annoying like in TDRI.

...And that's about it. But let's see who has the biggest chances? K? Cameron, Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Alejandro, and Lightning have all won already in some countries. You probably need to DQ them right now.That's leaves us with Scott, Courtney, Jo, Sierra, Lindsay, Sam, and Mike. 3 guys and 4 girls. Personally, if Scott is even in this season, and he's fully healed, I can't see him make it far when the only things he can "beep" are yes and no. Jo... kinda tough to predict. I think the finalists will probaly be either Courtney vs. Mike or Courtney vs. Scott or Lindsay vs. Scott., or at least a hero vs. villain!

The reason I complained so much about the heroes is that because they are not that heroes! Brick would make a better hero than the TDRI heroes, have you also noticed that none of the male heroes is original contestant, what about Owen, or DJ? Heck, even Bridgette could make better hero than Zoey, Cameron, or Sierra. Sierously, writers, get real.

Besides that I think the contestants will do a decent job for a finale season. I have really high hopes though, don't get me angry people!

Plus, if I were incharge to this mini season, I would do, only newbies and originals, without any new failure, plus this will be the last season. And my dream cast would probably be...

... Oh yeah. I would also like to put people like Dawn, Noah or Sierra, but 13 episodes fits 13 contestants. IDK, maybe Dawn fits a little bit as a hero, but IDK.

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