Well, I think you wait enuogh time, and here is the results: Conflicted means the person has a lot of Users that hate him, and a lot that love him

Number 24: Justin

Oooh, The hot guy, well, actually he stinks, he's going way out of his ehh..., character sometimes, but Justin don't really have personality, sure he's funny sometimes, but he is very hated on the wiki, and really he is just boring, I'm guess he is just boring and his only major thing he does was in the first special, I'm not say he didn't have any fans at all, but is just that the others have much more.

Number 23-22: Katie and Sadie

Those two are the most background characters at the moment, which leave them not a big amount of screen time, or fans.

Number 21: Trent

Yeahh, Trent's nice personality was match in TDI, but he became so weird in TDA, and I think for now he is jוst a backround character that no one like, fan of, or even no one no hate him, I just hate the guy, and I think that a lot of us can agree that his weird acting in TDA and ways make him deserve this place, and I think all of you can agree about that, who likes the guy, today, anyway?.

Number 20: Geoff

Geoff, yeah, Geoff may have some fans during Total Drama Island due to his personality that I actually used to find great on the season, but he went downhill during Total Drama Action due to his making out, and being a jerk to everyone in the aftermaths, even Bridgette, which probably made all of us hating him, so far he isn't going farther on most of us character rankings. Also, most of of the users didn't like him that much (like fifth place, at least), even on the island

Number 19: Ezekiel

Ezekiel, everybody's favorite weird dude! Yeah.... and how conflicted he is, I mean, some of you hate him for the zombie thingy, and some of you like him because of that or the old days, actually Ezekiel could be entertaining if he wants, but his character never get the chance, which is why he was pretty neutral on most of us rankings, but now he is a gollum... and let's not talk about destroy the million dollars.

Number 18: Alejandro

Alejandro... well personaly I thought he will be a bit higher, and actually I saw everyone loving him in the first episodes, even me! but Alejandro is wayyyyyy to perfect, and do stuff that were so odd, sure he is a good antagonistic character, let's not mention he voted off people that we all like, Harold, Bridgette, LeShawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Blaineley, Duncan and Cody fans, are all re-united to make him this low! Also, Heather nearly completely destroy all of his fine character in the finale, yeah!

Number 17: Eva

WRONG! Eva is a very funny character, who, in my opinion deserve more screen time, what I (and some others) that her minimel interactions with the other character are very interesting. Also, her time on TDWT aftermaths was great too! but the problem with Eva that she never get a chance to be an actual character and not jest a comic relife. Also her temper problems leades her to both of her eliminations.

Number 16: TBA

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