Okay, now, I will do a review for this good episode, the next fantastic Dodgebrawl episode, the less then okay talent show episode, and hey, I am still looking for a family.

I loved LeShawna hitting her head on the bead, it was hilarious! I also liked Eva's expression about Cody want to touch her MP3 Player. I liked Courtney talking about Eva being so tough, and Chris torturing them. I liked Gwen don't want to talk with Harold. I love Heather's conflicts with both Owen and LeShawna. "I hate him so much", I love when Heather getting mad. The Gophers winning again? WTF? Oh, they don't. I liked Gwen and Owen's confessionials. "Hm, let me thing about that, NO!" Hilarious Chris. "Man, he's good", I liked LeShawna agree about that.

"Stay awake for twelve hours? I could do that in my sleep! Woo-hoo!" I love Owen. I like that someone is caring about allyances in this point. I liked Beth and Lindsay being happy about that. I did hated that Lindsay couldn't date with Tyler. I actually really like Lindsay. Heather taking Eva's MP3 Player was one of the most smartest thigns I ever seeing... when I was 10! Despite the fact that most of the jokes so far were good, alot of people don't talk in this episode, which I hate and like at the same time, I did like Chris's boring story. Owen farting on Cody was amazing. The "Nut Cracker" parody was kinda lame for me. Courtney's way to stay awake was a bit ridicilus. Beth and Lindsay falling a sleep was funny. I like GwenxTrent, they are awesome! "They even fall asleep together." "I really have no idea" Trent being funny. This all thing of Owen being nude was kinda creepy. I hated Justin's cheating, it was very lame. But I love Chris's line about that.

Duncan's parnk of Harold was kinda annoying. And Noah kissing Cody was horrible. Ugh, I wanted to puke. I did loved Gwen sicking so much for coffee. Chris reading this book was... hilarious! Eva falling asleep, so as Heather and Trent. In the end, Gwen and Duncan left, and Gwen won. The Gophers winning again! LAME! Just kidding, they deserved this one. Eva being so mad was a bit annoying. She did have an amazing expression when she found her MP3 Player. Heather being a great antagonist. Harold being in the bottom of two make no sense. And with that, Eva left, which proove how much Heather is a great antagonist, and I liked Eva kicking at Chris. I liked that the Killer Bass trying to hope for better. The ending with Owen was creepy.

The "Drama Award" will go to... Not Duncan, Eva, Trent, Chris, Owen... it will go to Gwen for winning by herself.

This episode was pretty good with a funny (and quite original) challenge, it did lock a bit though. It was slightly better then the first episode, but it wasn't great as the second one was. Overall... 8/10.

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