Okay, this might be another one of these "mini-rants", but I've seen Jam's blog, and I simply cannot agree more, the writers (more spesificlly, that Ed McDonasomething guy) are getting so horrible with continuity it's dumb. I think you all know what I'm talking about... Courtney's broken character development. This entire episode, we saw TDA Courtney back (which is enjoyable, to say the least), but she was nice and it seems like she actually wants Gwen to win the million bucks.

But of course,



My point is, that, if they can't make the old characters stick to their original selves, and new characters usually sucks (I mean, look what ROTI brought on us), they should stop the series completely. Cuz I don't see how Pakhitew gonna be any better then "Revenge of the Island" (unless nobody will die or something).

Look, I love TD, but it's have to end at decent ending (And I was obsessed with the original three seasons), but now... it seems they're giving us more crappy and incosistent writing instead of the more slow-paced, old writing.

I know Pakhitew is on it's way, and maybe even another season of all stars after that (that's just my theory, as he said they're bringing more casts for more possible all-stars seasons), and I just really hope the series could end after that point. It has to stop.


I didn't hated the episode too much, and instead of talking about Courtney, the rest were... okay. Okay, Zoey was less dumber then usual, Mike's head was really creepy, Mal didn't do sh**, Scott was decent, and Gwen was kewl.

Hope that Goth Girl would win. Either her or farm boy.

Note: This season is still better then ROTI. :p

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