So, hmm, this is my Review for the Fourth Episode of the season, and for all the characters so far on the season..

Chris starts the episode with telling us this will be a creepy challenge, well, the most amusing moment there when Chef said some words. I excepted him to be quiet through all of the season.

The Episodes start with everyone sleeping, and with another cute Dawn moment, she talks to bugs! "Let me guess, Chris..", Well, it was actually Dakota the Intern, this season is actually starting to remind me of the good old days, when Chris woke up contestants with a horn or something. I actually like the challenge, cause I always liked in TDI challenges in the wood and in the dark. Awwww, Brick is afraid from the dark, I hope Jo the Jerk, won't mock on him for that later.

I still didn't understand why Scott want to lose so much, sure, he's great antagonist, but, he want to play in a two-people team, and than strike all the Maggots out? Really strange. This all "Mutant Spider" thing during the challenge, really sounds epic. I am still doubtful though. Brick carrying the bush with all of his teammates was funny. :p. The squid hitting Lightning might be a bit of a karma, for acting so JERK in the last two episodes. I actually laughed at "Duck, duck, jump, and punch" of Sam, he's getting better and better. "You're not doing that right". Lightning actually saved Sam from the squid? He actually nice? Oh, wait, he just want revenge, but it was still funny. Also, with Dawn and Lightning getting kidnapped, it's obvious that like, only 2 players gonna stay by the end of the challenge.

The Sam-Scott bond seems like Lindsay-Heather of the season, only smarter. I hope it won't because that's why Lindsay was ruined for me in the first season. Okay, so Jo being so bi**h. Why? She throw Cameron into that tree hole, by calling him the most weak player. I would punch her. Ugh. Why did Zoey got kidnapped? She was so cute, espcially her confessionial! She seems like the new Bridgette/Gwen, only nice than Gwen, and much stronger than Bridgette. I hope she will be the female-protgonist.

So, hmmm, Sam is hilarious. Again. Jo is being a jerk, again. Brick pissed in his pants, was like, embrassing, and afterwards, when he was trying to cover it off, it looked creepy. Just creepy. "Brick might not be attractive in any way, but he is still a person." That was funny and nice at the same time. Anne Maria is cool. Mike is right. Jo stinks.

O-O, Vito arrived, that's like.. bad. For Zoey-Mike. Yes! Jo got kidnapped! Now, we won't see of her.. I hope so. Okay, so Anne Maria and Vito making out was bad. Espcially because I think Mike and Zoey will be a better and sweeter couple. Jo being nice to Cameron? That's seems.. weird. But I'm glad he's happy about that. So basically, 4 people got kidnapped from each team, leaving Anne Maria & Mike, and Scott & Sam. Seeing Zoey watching Anne Maria and Mike kissing was so sad. So, hmmm, seeing Cameron kicking the Spider's ass was funny. A little out of character though. So, Brick was really trying to be nice for trying to save his team, but I think Jo is a little right, he should try to win for them. "Sam, stop trying to be a hero, we're hosed. Oh, no I got this". Go Sam! Win it. So the Rats seems kinda fair. LOL. I'm only saying it cause I'm Rats-fan. They're epic, and they're supposed to win something already! So, becasue of Jo the Maggots lost the challenge, nice one Maggot.

So the spider was Izzy??? So, hmm, I heared there was a cameo in this episode, but I didn't except it to be like that. Yes! The Izzy of TDI back again, her shooting Chef was funny. And, about the elimination, I think Jo should be eliminated due to her acting towards her team mates. I'm kinda sad Brick wanted to quit. He deserves to stay. So, I didn't understand Dakota getting fired. She gets back? or not? Too many questions. I am glad Brick moving to the Rats. "Wait, I need a.. DUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!".

So, this episodes was pretty lacking, but I guess it wasn't the worst. I give it 7/10, because it wasn't great, neither that bad.

Rankings so far.

  1. Sam
  2. Brick
  3. Scott
  4. Dawn
  5. Cameron
  6. Mike
  7. Zoey
  8. Dakota
  9. Anne Maria
  10. Lightning
  11. B
  12. Jo
  13. Staci

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