Leshawna's getting hit in the head and her line after that will always make me smile. Always.

EvaXCody should be a thing.


I like how Gwen totally rejects Harold now but few years later she hangs out with dorks like Cameron.

The entire lines delivery between Heather, Leshawna, and Owen in that one secen was hilarious.

Owen's adorbs.

The time passage in this episode makes no sense at all. Neither are the the numbers on the side that mentions how many contestants are left from each team. 

I always like the Heather's alliance being formed. Hahaha could you imagine what would have happened if we actually had a vag-fest of Beth/Heather/Lindsay finale three.

Lyler <3 I wonder if Chris was checking out Heather when she was "stretching." (Heather's strategy is awesome in this ep., btw.)

Isn't what Courtney doing should make her more tired, doe? 

This episode focuses a ton of Gwent <33 Hahahha Justin getting exposed by his own teammates <3

Noah kissing Cody was creepy as hell doe and it's funny how they never discussed about it again up until episode 22. Gwen begging for Chris was funny, she seemed like a drug-addict begging for more drugs. "You gotta hook me up man!"

Lol did they seriously needed a paper to tell Chris that Duncan fell a sleep. GWEN <3

Eva's eyes going so big and smiling like that is so creepy. 

This episode just flew by man.

Harold being in the finale 2 was random as hell doe, so at the that time it was obvious to everyone Eva was going. I liked Eva's exit doe, and also Heather's confessional/the Bass gathering together, it was fun. 

Not as good as the last 2 for sure, but still fine enough for a solid 8.1/10.

The "character-award" of this episode has to go to either Heather for her strategy or Gwen for obvious reasons..., BTW.

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