Hello, wiki, this is me, BarBar, just doing a tiny review about some stuff that happened in the fourth season. This blog will be on anything that happened so far, eliminated contestants, the remaings, teams, episodes, cameos, Chris, etc.

So, shall we begin.

Eliminated Contestants:

  • Staci - Seeing she was such an annoying character, with only plot line revolving around her. (Her dad and his grand-father, and whatever. -w-), she was too boring and she was definitly fitting the "first person to get eliminated spot".
  • B - Just like with Justin in TDI. He was too quiet to continue on the game. I'm glad he was eliminated early. I mean, sure, yes, he was pretty okay/good at times, but seeing such a quiet character just continue on is kinda boring.
  • Dawn - Yes, a dissapointment. Why? Her elimination was way too early to begin with. Sure, it's improved Scott's strategie skills, but she had such a great and original personality that she deserved to continue. Hoping for S5.
  • Sam - It's feeling kinda weird that fourth person to got voted off is from Episode Six. Just like Dawn, I think Sam should got farther, however, if only by a bit. His elimination was pretty fitting, espcially now that he and Dakota finally admitting to like each other. :)
  • Brick - Just like Sam... sure, he was funny, but his elimination was fitting, it's like he chosed to voted himself off, don't get me wrong, I like Brick, but choosed to do that. I also think Lightning/Jo interaction is now getting better.
  • Anne Maria - Now that, was definitly out-of-character elimination. Sure, Anne Maria had her reason to quit (Later to regret though), but unlike Brick, Dawn, Sam, who used for mostly comic, Anne Maria also had major arc in this season, the love traingle. Being love interest for Vito, caused big problems for Mike and Zoey. But now that she is gone, it's seems like the story will only continue with Mike and Zoey. Not big drama, no conflicting with Anne Maria/Zoey, no nothing. Sure, Anne Maria was good character, but her development shouldn't have ended thanks to Zeke.

The Remaining:

I have to say, that I'm pretty dissapointed from the remaining, more than half of them are original Mutant Maggots (Which you will see later that this is my least-favorite team), and seeing that Scott moved already to the Maggots, his "Rats-time" was like, deleted. And Dakota was on the Rats, but now she's a Maggot, and most of the time, she was an intern. Seems like Lightning is the only original Rat left standing.

  • Mike and Zoey - Just like I stated above with Anne Maria, their love story still continue. It's seems interesting, not rushed, not overkilled, but it's LIKE have to get some DRAMA, or else, they will be boring.
  • Cameron - He's doing pretty good job so far. He's sneaking under the radar, and he's also pretty friendly and also smart, aswell.
  • Jo - I hated Jo in the start of the season, with her evil attitude, but now she's getting okay. I mean, her plot with Lightning and Brick was funny, and it also made importance. Espcially in A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste.
  • Lightning - Oh, Lightning, sure he had his ups and downs, with me loving him in the first episode, than hating him in the next two, but now he's getting good. As I stated, his ranning gag with Jo is amusing.
  • Scott - Just like Lightning, he had his ups and downs, his strategies to eliminate B and Dawn were smart, but it costed Dawn, one of my favs. Also, I think throwing the challenges is kinda dumb and now that he is on the Maggots, he's trying to get them out. His strategie is kinda weird. I hope it will be more well-though later.

The Intern/Interns

  • Dakota - Well, now that she's back, I am like, really happy, cuz I love her... But... She's getting a bit creepy and monster-ish thanks to that stupid host Chris. She also not beautiful anymore. As she is bald. Looks like Dawn is the hottest female now.
  • Chef - He isn't actually an intern. But still... -w- He's been pretty boring this season, except from the last episode, when he actually talked.

The Host:

  • Chris - Now, personally, I loved Chris in Season 1 & 2, he was pretty good until the mid-season of TDWT. But now, in TDR, he got ruined. I'm getting sick of him, and I'm guessing that without Season 1 and 2, I would not like Chris anymore.

The Teams:

  • The Maggots - Just like the Gaffers, I don't think they deserved to win as much, but they weren't annoying aswell. They're getting way too repetive with winning so much... they are just not that interesting.
  • The Rats - Definitly interesting team here. With Dawn/Sam few jokes this team is just getting better and better, when Brick switched to the Rats, I was excited, seeing Dawn, Sam, and Brick on the same team.... too bad Scott eliminated Dawn, and moment afterwards Sam got eliminated, with Scott and Jo switching, this team felt like it was no the Rats anymore. It was only Jo/Brick interaction. However, as soon as Brick got eliminated, and Lightning stepping up, this team is getting now better with funny Lightning/Jo interactions.
  • Status of the teams: Only two members (Lightning and Jo) for the Rats, and five members (Scott, Zoey, Mike, Cameron, and now with the returning Dakota) for the Maggots. Pretty even. -w-

The Cameos:

  • Owen - It was funny and classic, but it wasn't important at all for the deveolpment of the episode, it was just a simple joke. Kinda dumb, thouh, but it was good, I guess...
  • Izzy - It was hilarious, and it did made imortance, only bad thing that it wasn't known that it was actually her until the end of the episode. Okay though.
  • Bridgette - Again, okay, funny, but no importance.
  • Lindsay - Possibly my favourite. I wouldn't call it a cameo. I would call it more of hmmm... guest-star (LOL IDK..) It might have been too long, but it was funny and it helped the development of the episode so much. And well, it's Lindsay, so I don't care.
  • Ezekiel - Just like Lindsay, it helped the development of Anne Maria getting eliminated. But... still kinda creepy.


It's kinda hard to judge. I'm guessing Truth or Laser Shark is my least favorite, while my favorite is... probably...IDK

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