Something that I noticed heavily for a long while but it really got to me about Courtney and Heather.

The thing is is that I see many people rank Heather near their top of their rankings and Courtney at the very bottom but that makes no fu**ing sense to me. Heather and Courtney are very differnte but they have ton of similar stuff, both are mean, ruthless, and will do everything to get the money, and that's why I love them, but honestly when people are like "Heather is amazing and Courtney sucks" annoys the hell out of me.

If you disliked Heather until TDWT and liked her better than Courtney because she developed more, thats fine... but usually I see stupid arguements like this:

"Courtney tried to kill people, and Heather has never done something extreme like that" - Lol stfu. Heather literally emotionally killed Lindsay, pushed Chef/Chris out fo the blimp, and didn't cared if Gwen would fall into a lake full of shark in the TDI finale.

"Courtney cheated in TDA but Heather never -- " stop right there, cuz if I REMEMBER CORRECTLY Heather told Lindsay to build her bike which was against the fu**ing rules. She used her as her dog for many occassions. That's cheating, too.

"Courtney was abusive in her relationship to Duncan, Heather never .. " LOL JUST STOP. What Heather did to Lindsay in TDI was straight up bullying, which is way worse than anything Courtney ever forced Duncan into. Not to mention that Duncan is a strong guy, and Lindsay is super naive, and Heather emotionally bullied Lindsay throughout TDI.

"Heather is sympathetic (like she was to Courtney in TDWT) and Courtney was never..." EXCUSE ME, but Courtney was cheated out of TDI, suspected that her boyfriend was cheating on her in TDA (and got voted out by him), WAS CHEATED on by her boyfriend and her best friend (with the latter never apologyzing until later in the series), and then she went through fu**ing season of character development that got ruined by FU**ING ED MCDONALD."

"Courtney's whiny." -- Lol and so does Heather, in fact, I'm pretty sure Heather complains wayyyyyyyyy more.

I love Courtney and I love Heather way more. Heck, I loved Heather more in literally every season. But when people are like "Yo Heather's amazing and Courtney sucks " I'm so confused and annoyed cuz they're very similar.

It's not just with Courtney, I can see Blianeley/Anne Maria/Justin/Lightning/Other mean characters all pushed down in rankings cuz they're "mean.", but Heather gets praised cuz she's a flawless person, right?

NOTE: I love Heather to death by far more than any other character in the series, but people to need to realise there are faults in her character, too. SO YEAH.

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