Well, guys, since my stupid old computer don't let me to write any blog.

I have to write you from this computer.

Anyway, I have to take small hiatus from the wiki, and I might not come here usually when TDR will start, the reason is, it's because I'm getting into "high school stress", and I have to get better grades at some classes such as Math, cuz my parents want me to get me better grades since I'm learning in one of the best high school in the country.. and I putted alot of work to get in, and I don't want to ruin it now.

Some shoutouts:

Nalyd - Funny, keep on that. ;)

Missy - Just to you know, you're one of the nicest and sweetest users here. You're awesome editor, and you're also helpful..<3

Neko - You're still one of my better friends here, and I'm still miss those time, we used to talk alot together... love <3

Bigez and TDF - get a room I love you guys, and our love Southpark and some other cartoons will stay forever! :D I'm gonna miss those talks with you. :p

Mouse - ...

Ryan - You're so HILARIOUS. You're so EPIC.. You're just so.. awk.

AJ and Aimers - another users that I missed my big talks with them! epic, helpful, and aweomse users who are just so nice and great!

Ishni - Just so.. cute. xD love love you Ishni, come back from your hiatus already!

RoseGui - One of the nicest users here.. and despite being so new.. she's so damn epic.

Silver - So nice to me... Silver, words cannot explain how you have so epic friend to me.. starting from our old little friendship.. to small (but fail) alliance in countdown to being really close! I seriously miss you!

There are more funny and nice users to go about.. such as.. OHF, CD, Jax, N3, Fedora..

Oh, and I have one special shoutout for one user.

Nizz, you, are definitly one of my best friends here.. probably the best as my old friends are all gone.., lol, when it's come to any game or any place, you always epic and nice.. whenether it's the Main TDWiki IRC Chat, or #Wolfgame, or even Tengaged.. You definitly being so nice and funny there... keep on being nice, funny, wild, and most importantly, sexy awesome ;)

Well, guys, I also wanted to say that I'm gonna come on weekends, but since we're on a differ time zones.. and my weekend days are differ than yours.. I will mostly see you on Fridays and Saturdays.. (Oh, I will come to play #wolfgame as well..p anyway, have good time, and I will be back around the start of Febuary.

So, see ya.

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