Hi guys, as I was saying on my last blog, I want to make all of us smile and closer, as I was saying, we're gonna say our opinions about episodes, relationships, characters, and more. If someone want he could just comment here, if he want to to comment about it, or maybe he will post it himself... things like why a creatin character/relationship/episode get so much hate, love, being overrate, and more! Okay, so.... let's start with review for the first episode, so let's act we just first watching it!

I really liked Chris's rules and first lines about the competition, and describing how much actually Camp Wawanakwa sucks, I also liked that Marshmallows will be present in each elimination, espcially because I wouldn't think it will be vote offs, since the first two episodes I ever seen were That's off the Chain! and Hook, Line, and Screamer!... so yeah. Theme Song! I loved him. Very classy!

The only thing I loved Beth's arrival was what she said about Chris. Ha Ha. I loved Chris's face when DJ asked him if that where they staying. I loved Gwen's arrival, it was awesome! "I did not sign up for this", win line! Ever since Geoff and Lindsay arrived, I know that I am gonna be inlove with them, espcially that Chris was a bit mad about Lindsay forgetting him. I loved Heather's complaining, it was simily great. I also really liked Duncan flirting with Heather. Tyler's arrival was pretty lame, but I loved Heather getting weat, and Geoff and DJ smiling. Harold's arrive was very weird. Contestants number nine... is Trent?! Wow, first goof I notice, I liked the faces people have maked when Trent come. I also liked that Chris said that they are on a beach while they actually was on a sucks one, I also like that he felt pain about getting hurt from Bridgette's board, and the flirt between her and Geoff. YES! Another bad words between Duncan and Heather.

"You got my memo about my life threatening allergies? I'm sure someone did. Good. Is this where we're staying? No, it's your mother's house and we're throwing a party. Cute. Nice piercings. Original. Do them yourself? Yeah, you want one?" Ha, total win! I loved LeShawna arriving and her almost beating Harold, and him smiling to her. My thoughts of Katie and Sadie's arrival was just like Chris's face. Ezekiel's arrival was lame... yet hilarious. Cody's arrival was pretty nice, too. Eva's one was like.. yeah. But I liked Duncan saying to DJ: "It's all yours, man.". I loved Owen arriving, it was just... what's the word? AWESOME! and I also liked Gwen saying awesome and the entire scene was great. Courtney and Justin arriving weren't so great in my opinion. Justin was actually really lame, but Owen talking to him was win. Izzy was great and win. I also enjoyed how that Chris take alot of time to shoot them.

Yes! Another flirting with Duncan and Heather. Excuse me, Kyle? Can I have the cabin with the lake view since I'm the prettiest? Okay, you are, but that's not really how it works here. And it's Chris. I love Lindsay and Chris. Katie and Sadie breaking up was just okay in my opinion, but Tyler and Gwen being worried about who to sleep with was pretty good. I liked the teams. But it seems that they put the more interesting characters on the Screaming Gophers, but I did like Harold being happy about his team. All of the confessionials were win, each and every one of them. I liked Gwen and Heather's first interaction, I also liked Cody trying to be good with Gwen, and Gwen being mean to Lindsay. Owen was a bit weird about sleeping with the guys. SKIP That, please! The scream of Lindsay was win, and everyone being worried about the bug was great, and I loved Duncan killing it. Tyler and Lindsay's interaction was cute, mostly because of Lindsay. Chef being so mad was total win, and I liked his conflicts with some of the contestants, and also, the food being disgussting. I also liked Gwen's complaining and Chef shut her up. I liked Chef drawing the knife over them. DJ cursing was a total win.

The Drama Awards goes to Chris, for having few great lines, and pretty much showing through the intire episode!

I thought this episode was very classic, yet, it was lacking by a challenge, it was a good begining, since usually pilots aren't that good. I will give it a 7.5/10 since it wasn't that great.

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