I loved the challenge, I really did. I liked Chris worned them even about the minor area. I also like the flashback of Chef and Chris. I loved some of the jumpings. Tyler's one was lame. Geoff's one was great. It was hilarious seeing Chris mocking DJ about being a chicken. Again, Ezekiel being lame... yet hilarious. Harold's was pretty funny, but a bit random, too. I hated Courtney being suddenly so pathetic, and not jumping, and well, disparage the other team's members, as much as I want to support it, I hate it! I liked and hated at the same time that Katie and Sadie were on the same team, mainly because it could give them each other a better development.

I loved Heather and LeShawna's fighting, it was so hilarious, and I also liked their teammates reactions to this, and that LeShawna throwing her of the cliff. "I thought this was going to be a talent contest! Ha ha ha ha, yeah, ha ha... No." Lindsay and Chris are win. I also liked Gwen and Izzy's jumpings. I did hated that people mocked Beth about her not jumping, I felt sorry for her. Justin was a bit lame... ugh. "Okay, there's preasure", I love Chris. I also liked the confessionials about Owen's jumping. His jumping was perhaps the greatest moment that happend until this point so far. I loved everyone's reactions about Owen losing his bathing suit.

Courtney is still annoying me. I am the only one who was a CIT, shut up, I am supporting Eva about this. I liked Katie and Sadie's suddenly feeling something itching. I did loved that the Killer Bass has such a bad luck, even though I like them. I liked Heather and Lindsay starting to first talking, it was pretty funny, and Heather showing her antagonist side, very dramatic. I liked Katie and Sadie's drinking. I totally loved Geoff's motive for this team, definitly my favorite Killer Bass so far. This all thing about the Screaming Gophers being great, and the Killer Bass sucking was pretty hilarious. I loved Owen hugging Heather and Lindsay, and also his dancing, even though it was creepy. I definitly agree with Duncan, Courtney was very weak. Lindsay screaming about Tyler might be voted off was hilarious. I totally hated Ezekiel's randomly don't respecting girls was just painful to watch, again, it was a bit funny, "But they are." I loved the dramatic elimination, and that long pause between Courtney and Ezekiel. I was feeling very sorry for Ezekiel though. Chris mocking to Ezekiel about picking his nose was great. And I liked Gwen's confessionial, and Screaming Gophers having party, I loved Courtney's line in the end, but the problem is... it's just that she is so weak, so I couldn't belive that, but still, I loved it.

The Drama Award is going to... Owen. It might have been only because of the jumping, but it was his best moment so far, and one of his best moments of the series.

Overall, this episode was fantastic, it was full of comedy and great challenge, and was great, too, in a character development. It deserves 9/10.

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