Hi guys, BarX2 here! You know what? I having a birthday on the wikia! Yep, a full year passed since I first logged in, and I want to speical thanks to a few friends of mine:

  • Sprakie - One of the most nicest guys on the wikia, he's very sweet and nice to me, and it's pleasure to talk to him.
  • Aimers - Another nice and friendly user to me, he always nice and supportive to me!
  • Ryan - Ryan and me started to talk again, and it's really nice to have him as a friend.
  • Musou - She was really great friend to me and she is awesome user, too! She is my cousin/weird neighbour/ackward stepsister. Anyway, I love Musou
  • Ishni - Ishni is another user that was really nice and great to me. Go Ishni!
  • Mikey - Mikey is another user that fine to talk to on the IRC
  • CD-TDA - CD was pretty friendly to me all the time, and also welcome me to the wikia.
  • AJ and Comic - Another couple of two great users which I really like to talk to on the IRC/Just talk to them, they are really nice, and they are great friends.

Well, there are few other great friends like: Gwenfan120, WM, Poli, Fedora, Owenandheatherfan, Gary, Nalyd, Codyfan9000, TC, Sam, Uros, Tulle, and a few more!!!!!!!!!! If you want me to put more I will, I am feeling like I forgot someone, but anyway, thank you guys, oh, and in my country, it's already the 28 May

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