Good News:

I only have like, three tests left, Math, Biology, and Computer Science.

So.. I have like month without any test afterwards, so I will have time for the wiki. :D

TDR Thoughts:

The teams:

2nd. Mutant Maggots - I just don't like this team. While Mike and Zoey's relationship seems nice. I only like few characters on this team, and I think this team might be camera hogging.. so I won't like it, at all.


Neutral: Mike, Brick, Anne Maria

Like/Love: Zoey and Cameron

1st. Radioactive Rats - I just love this team. This team is like more of a mix with the Killer Bass' bad luck and being underdogs, along with the Gophers interesting combo of characters. I really like each character on this team except Staci and B. I think Scott will be an amazing antagonist (not good as Heather though), Dawn, Dakota, Sam, and Lighting are all pretty good comedy so far.. so yeah.

DISLIKE: B, Staci.

LOVE: Dakota, Sam, Scott, Dawn, Lightning.

Characters: (So far)

13th. B - He is just.. not talking.

12th. Staci - Annoying voice, annoying character.

11th. Jo - While sometimes, she could be funny, she could be pretty mean, and her character voice is too girly for the bully thing.

10th. Mike - He is like.. Cody-ish, and also Trent-ish, kinda neutral on his multiplae personality thing. He seems okay though.

9th. Brick - Despite his boring design he seems like an interesting character, and I will hope his unknown competition with Jo will be pretty good to watch.

8th. Anne Maria - Kind of a hit or miss character, I kinda hate all of he design thing, and her nickname "The Jersey Shore", but.. she could be good use for comedy gag.

7th. Lightning - Seems like a male version of Leshawna, but more fun and and less spaz (LOL), I think he is good potential winner, and he also enjoyable to watch.. I hope he won't be too full of himself though.

6th. Cameron - Cameron... seems like a really fun character, I thought he won't stay a chance against all the others, and be all Ezekiel-ish.. but he's seriously fun, being all new-experienced with nature, and I hope he will be pretty good protgonist/anti-hero.

5th. Dakota - Seems amazing.. and also cute and dumby, hope she won't be too hungry for fame.

4th. Zoey - Seriously funny and I think she is gonna make really far!

3rd. Dawn - She is just.. so cute. I like her voice too, and she seems awesome.

2nd. Scott - Seems like an amazing antagonist, seems pretty Heather-ish, but more male.. he seems pretty smart, but.. the only reason he's not at the top because he's also Duncan-ish, I hope he won't be like that.

1st. Sam - He seems kinda Owen/Harold type, with the geekness of Harlod, with the awesomeness of Owen.. I think he's going to be really funny, and I hope he won't be too lazy, and he would care about the game, I think he also has good voice actor.

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