Yeah, that's right, like others, I'm also mad at what happened to Dakota at the last episode. I also think Chris is getting more horrible than he ever was. He never cared about any of the contestants, he's just too horrible and mean... and I can't belive at what happened to Dakota....she used to be one of my top four/three characters but after what happened to her... I mean, bald is one thing, green hair, I could live with that, but making her into sort-of Ezekiel thing was the most weirdest thing ever... I never excepted that, and I don't think she will ever get normal...this season is turning into bad... and I think if the writers would make it even more freaky, Total Drama will just end bad... forget TDWT's ending, this is worse guys...Also, if this season will be the last, I think Total Drama will end too bad and gross... from a nice, regular, original TDI to this freaky, dark, TDR....I'm just mad...

Now, along with that... I think The Treasure Island Of Dr. MacLean was the worst episode in the intire series... First of all, the challenge, the cameo, and the Rats were all lacking... I didn't enjoy this episode... I mean the challenge seemed rushed and unfocused cuz the all episode was about Dakota turning into monster, the cameo was lacking aswell, not that Gwen did something bad, it was just boring and it didn't made as much importance... Only the Mutant Maggots were focused, and now seeing the characters, there are only few I'm rooting for...

Zoey, Mike, and Cameron - No, I'm not rooting for them... Mike is overdone, and Cameron is not that funny in my opinion...they're smart for trying to get Scott out...But...Still. Zoey is good girl, but she is being unsmart lately, falling that easy for Scott's lies.

Jo - She's getting okay-ish. She wasn't focused on this episode at all, so I don't have nothing bad, or good to say now about her... ~~..

Scott - He's being good antagonist and all... Definitly better than he was once, with even finding the McLean head thingy... it was nice played, but I just can't root for the antagonist.

I'm guessing the only normal, funny, and not have too much cons left is... Lightning!

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