This story tells about my quite short time, only-one-season history of Countdown, this story might not have been the most unclear to everyone, even the host himself, Nalyd Renrut have didn't knew about this. This is story about quite drama, twists, enemies, and alliances. This is... Countdown to 10,000: It's The Final Countdown!

For farther information, go here.

Note: Before I begin, there are few staff you should know, all of this will be basiclly unbiased blog and I will just tell my time on Countdown. I also must give shout-outs to few users who make this season pretty incredible.


The Cartoon/TC

Fedora Kid/FK







Before I begin, here is a recap about the original teams:

Team Buffalo: Myself, Bigez, CD, Kgman, TDA15, and TC.

Team Neil Patrick/Team NPH: Ale-Alejandro/Ale, Bbhinton15/BB, *~*~ishni*~*~, Silver, TDIFan13/Ryan, and TDAddict.

Team Nalyd is Hot/Team Nalyd: Mikey, FK, Musou, Mygeto, Neko, and TDF.

And now, let the story begin.

Pre-Season Week

Before I even knew the teams, I quickly formed an alliance with Silver, being the only person I could really trust on. Also, I made sort of an agreement with Ryan that we might stick loyal to each other against the threat. I also talked with CD and she told me that it would be awesome if we vote off together, and she also told me that she wants Mikey out, while I told her I want Ishni out for being a threat.

Week One

Sometime during this week, I formed an alliance with The Cartoon. I also was informed by CD that she is going to eliminate TDA15 this week. While I didn't really supported the idea at first, since I saw him as the only one which the team will vote off before me, I had no choice rather then say "Yes". Later that week, TDA15 PMs me, saying that we need to think about the order of the eliminations of the team if we want to get farther, I didn't prumess him anything, but I listened to his plan, he told me that he wants to vote off TC first, which I definitly disagree, without mentioning our alliance. He then told me that if not The Cartoon, then Bigez, which I agreed, he then told me that he will convince Kgman, and I will convince TC, if I remember right.

TC didn't agree to our plan, even after my hard convinctions. I talked to TDA15 about that, and he said that Bigez wants to vote off Kgman, don't know to belive it or not, I decieded to got with his plan. During Friday, if I remember right, TC told me that he made an agreement with CD-TDA, that during this week, if we vote off TDAwesome15, next week, we would vote off either Bigez or Kgman, which I finally agreed, to stick to this agreement. During the elimination ceremony, TDA15 has voted for Kgman04, and CD and TC has voted off TDA15. I, at first, wasn't so sure at my vote, and I waited to see if Bigez votes for Kgman, but after being pressured by CD, I sadly voted for TDA15.

Week Two

Before Nalyd posted the blog, me and TC were sharing a talk, he said to me that even if our team lost multipale times, Nalyd will probably do a switch that makes the teams more even, and me and him are now safe in our team and next two eliminations are gonna be of Bigez and Kgman. But during Sunday Morning, when I checked the Week Two blog, Nalyd ruined all of our plans, he made switch of the teams, sparing me from my ally, TC, and putting me with CD, Ishni, Neko, and TDF on Team NPH, while the new Team Buffalo's members are now Bigez, Mikey, Mygeto, Silver, and Ryan, and the new Team Nalyd is Hot's member are now Ale, Fedora, Kgman, Musou, TC, and Addict. I know that our team would probably beat Team Nalyd, but have no chance against Team Buffalo, since Mikey was in it. Early that week though, Silver said he will leave the wikia for 2-4 weeks, which means he will probably don't edit; Thus, sparing our team, from an elimination. It still cost in big loss though, as Silver was my most trusted ally.

Since I knew I was gonna be absent on Saturday (except from the vote), I tried to do my best of convincing the most weakest links of the team, Neko and TDF to join to an alliance with me, with hope to vote off either CD or Ishni. Both remains uncreatin and none of them agreed with me. Before I left without any idea of who to vote off from my team. Although I still remain relaxed due to the fact that Silver gonna be auto-eliminated, thus, sparing me from voting.

During Saturday, it was shockingly desclared that Silver actually made 2 edits, thus, saving him from an auto-elimination. CD won immunity from out, after making over 70 edits during the last day of the week. I asked her on the IRC who is she going to vote off, and she told me that since last time she voted first, I should vote this time first. However, I knew that CD won't go along with me to vote off Ishni, so I knew that I had to vote off either Neko or TDF. However, since that I had to go from the computer, I still didn't vote. When I was back, I checked on the recent comments and saw that Ale got eliminated, with Fedora, Addict, Musou, and Kgman voting for her. While even more surprisingly, I got voted off from my team by Neko, CD-TDA, and TDF, for being a threat. On Team Redemption, TDA15 also beated BB by only one edit. While I was being shocked about my elimination, I still know there was a chance in TR.

Week Three

I fast learn (on Saturday), that there was another team switch. Althought I was absent from Sunday to Monday, I was back to edit on Tuesday, when I didn't make that much edits for the next 3 days, I was still in the lead, and I saw that Ale, who I thought who would be my contest didn't make that much edits at all, and now, my only true contest is TDA15. During the IRC, I shared many PM's with Aimers and Mikey that they supporting me in TR over TDA15, while I tried to do my best from Friday night until Saturday morning, but the real surprise was, that TDA15 also tried to do his best, and even more surprisingly, after very long night, which both of us made more than 100 edits, and TDA15 actually beated me by 14 edits. But upon waking up from my sleep, I found out shocking announcement. Ryan, who somewhat managed to convince Mikey (who was an admin at that time) restore an edit to keep Silver, Ryan's closest ally, and for that, they're both out of the game without TR, or any chance of returning. Just like that, Mikey, the one user, which I knew I never had a chance of beating him by edits, is eliminated. And luckily, because no one else could've been eliminated, only Ale is eliminated from Team Redemption, leaving me and TDA15 for another fight.

Week Four

Upon learing that TDA15 is a really strong editor, and he can really pull off a successful all-nigther. And than, I learned from my mistaakes, and I knew what I was going to do, making at least 50 edits each day, so I can be on a big lead during Friday night, and than TDA15 would either give up, or I would be in many edits ahead of him so he won't beat me. Also, during the real contest, the teams has been rearranged with Team Buffalo completely disbanded, leaving only Team NPH and Team Nalyd. During Wednesday, Ishni, one of the biggest threats in the game, posted a leaving blog, saying that she has to leave, and that means she pulls out of Countdown for hiatus of 3 months, which means she won't making any edits on TR, either, and with Mygeto and Kgman didn't making that much edits over the week, which means the next four: TDA15, Ishni, Mygeto and Kgman, are all gonna lose in TR, thus promoting me one step closer to the game.

During Thursday, when I was than a bit more than 100 edits ahead, TDA15 PM's me in the IRC, saying that he pretty much giving up for me. I asked him to not edit that day, and he didn't. However, day later - TDA15 messaged me, saying that he wants to get to 700 edits, just to "improve his editcount." I still remian suspicious of him, but I was still in a big lead, and I went to sleep very early on Friday night. However, on Saturday morning, it takes the turn for the worst, TDA15 actually beated me once again, and when I confronted him, he told me that "he changed his mind", and I saw that the only thing I could do is sit and wait. However, after seeing that his last made over an hour ago, and no one was on the IRC, either, I saw that this was my last chance, I made exactly 30 edits, beating him by only 2 (271 to 269), thus sending TDA15, my Team Redemption enemy, back home, for good. In addition, Ishni and Kgman are eliminated from the game.

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