Hey, it's BarBar, and I might do each week a predection for the week, I will based it on a few reasons. :)

It will go on each middle week.

Credit go to Aimers for the some of the format.


4. Bridgette dj10 - So far on the contest, you have done pretty well, and I am guessing, the dark horse strategie work good so far... but now your team down to the only strong members, if your team failed, at least win immunity, I know you can do it!

3. Uros Bjedov - I have seen alot of you in this week, you have good potential, if you weren't on Team Victory the Jammers. Since I am fear your team will lose.... you have been the weakest editor in all of the first two weeks from all the members in your team right now..... but now you getting better, don't give up!

2. Politoed89 - You are great editor! You are very good and you have alot of potential to making far..... I belive you will make to the marge, too.

1. Comic - Same as Poli, only you are a little stronger then him in this week so far...... Congrats!


most of those team members are pretty tied.

7/6/5/4 - D-Codes - You have done nothing so far in this week...... edit!

7/6/5/4 - TDAwesome15 - You have make only 11 edits this week, and now you are blocked for 12 days! which means no edit for the next week aswell! You probably get eliminated next week, and if your team loses, you might go home.

7/6/5/4 - Barfy - You got a little better.... but you need to start editing. I know you can

7/6/5/4 - Owenandheatherfan - You need to edit! I know you can do more, but like the bottom of three, you have been very weak so far compare the people who are above you and the Jammers, I know you can do this, c'mon!

3 - Silver - You are really good editor, and it's time to edit some more, I knwo you can do it, and even with problem you will always have your luck. You have a pretty good game, so far, don't fail.

2 - Ishni - You proove you can edit, I think you became a WM Jr. Jr. (it's supposed to be two), you became really close the Mikey, and I think you played a very good game so far, I like this strategie, since you are amazing editor and there is someone who bigger threat then you..... just like CD-TDA, and she also won... so continue like that!

1 - Mikey - You are WM Jr. and the biggest fear in the game, you made a lot of edits, and you proove to be the strongest editor of the contest, even though if you continue like that I might move you a bit down in the rankings, but it will only happen if people will start of thinking to vote you off. Anyway, good luck to everyone!

Redemption Island -

3. JAEditor - You quit, and you against Jammy so.... see ya, don't wanna be ya!

2/1. Gary - I think you could win if you start edit, good luck!

1/2. Jam - I know you could win if you start edit, since you are an amazing editor!

This week, this is gonna be hard.... many Awesomettes don't edit, but, Mikey and Ishni proove to save them two times already! But the Jammers are all doing good so far, but since Mikey and Ishni are too powerful, I am guessing the Awesomettes will not have to face elimination again. So, the barf bags are going to ----

Comic (immunity), Poli (strong), and..... Uros. Sorry, AJ, I am fearing you will get eliminated, but.....

D-Codes might make no edits, so he could eliminated due to not making any edits, and then, it means that everyone on the Jammers will be safe, and the Awesomettes will don't know what will happen to them.

A view of thinking (probably wrong, but still, :D)

Redemtption Island: I am guess GAEditor and Jam7 (if he will decied not to edit will both get eliminated).

New Jammers:

Well, I think this team got WAY better, espcailly since OHFan is really good now, and Ishni is also on the team. However, there are few people who should edit more. The Rankings:

5. Barfy - I am sorry Barfy..... the contest becoming a little more rough, and you shall edit more, hold in there! Don't burn out now!

4. AJ - You are currently under the radar, and you still have an old friend on your team, Poli. I think you could mix it with more editing and you will be fantastic! Right now, you fine......... edit more!

3/2 - Owenandheatherfan - You really bumped up in the rankings, I wish that you will continue like that, please!!!!! I have a faith in you, don't fail, you could actually be 2 without the tie, but Ishni will return, and let's face it....... he's an edit machine!!!

2/3 - Ishni - You will come back in like two or three days, but I think you will return, and you will be the best Jammer, good luck! You are very good editor!

1 - Poli - You have made the most edits last week from the old Jammers..... you are friendly, you have an old friend on your team right now..... you are golden! For now........

New Awesomettes

This team is now pretty good, just like the new Jammers, I will make rankings, but since TDAwesome15 is already will be eliminated, which is why I don't think doing rankings will that matter. Ill do anyway!

5. TDAwesome15 - You got banned, there's a slight chance you will return before the scores will be up, but even then! See ya!

4/3 - Silver - You are seem to be very friendly on your team, you are pretty good editor too. I wish you made more edits, though, cause I know you can! C'mon dude!

3/4 - Uros - Yeah..... another good editor, you are pretty good editor so far and you really surprised last week, continue like that!

2 - Comic - You are very strong editor, like Poli, I see you making far, and you are the strongest old Jammer, good luck!

1 - Mikey - Two words: Edit Machine!

Same as last week, I think the Awesomettes will win, but someone who won't make edits will be eliminated, so I think the TDAwesome15 could say goodbye! But if he doesn't then Barfy will say.

Team redemption

2 - Dakota - Edit!

1 - Gary- You really starting to edit, there's a slight chance you might even win this week, and you have a place in week five! Good luck!

People who might get eliminated ---

  1. Barfy (might to)
  2. TDAwesome15 (most chances)

Week Seven

Sorry for thw two last weeks guys :))


I will not rank it, I just give tips to each user that stayed in the final six, I will do ranks on the Redemption Team though. D:

EVIL TWIST = It's an evil twist who makes the people with most edits (aka, edit beasts -- like WM, Ryan, Kevin, Blaze) to be eliminated. It will be close though, be worned, Mikey. Good luck to everyone!!!! NOTE: This is kinda special week, there might be more of them.

  • Mikey - The biggest threat in the game, and might be, of the entire Countdown Seasons! I mean, you are really close to bit the record, which I think Kgman04 holding, but you can pass the 2500 MS Edits. Anyway, Mikey as much as it hurts to say, you can't win. It's like a curse as being the strongest player, the one with the most edits never win. So...... keep winning immunity, try to come with a close allys, espcially to a point that there is immunity and you might be the next one. Shortly, your good points: Perfect Editor who no one can beat him. Your bad points: When the evil twist will come... you will go next.
  • AJ - You did pretty well so far, I wish you could edit more though, so you will have a chance to win in the finals, anyway, I wish make it far, since you are a great editor, you could combined your dark-horse strategie with editing and you will make it to the end, and might as well win. Your good points that people will want to make it to the final with you, your bad points that you need someone that you could actually beat.
  • *~*~ishni*~*~ - Do I need to say how awesome you are? xD. Remember, you are huge threat, but you are loved by everyone on the contest, too! You are usually in danger, but you will be safe in the end. Your good points that you are an amazing editor (and lovable) and your bad points it's exactly the same, girl.
  • Poli - Just like ishni, a great editor, too. The main problem that now people seeing you are a major threat... I think you could make it farther if you have allys (which you probably have dX) and take them to the final with you. PS, make sure those are people in your level or weaker then you. Your good points and bad are just like of Ishni.
  • Owenandheatherfan - Another good editor, didn't I say I love the final six?? Anyway, I now see you under the radar and you could make far a lot, perhaps maybe even into the finals... You should take weaker dudes then you, so you will have a chance. Anyway, I don't really see any bad points in you, except that I want you to edit a bit more, I already mention the good points.
  • Comicstrip2000 - Just like the above, another good (and maybe even great!) editor, I think you should return to your amazing scores that you have on the first week, and you maybe even beat Poli! It isn't a problem though, you are still don't HUGE threat that people will start to think of voting you off, you have like, at least more two weeks. I told you your good points already, and now I should add more! You can make it to the finals with close allys that you will beat surely :), I actually don't see any problem with ya excapt people will start think you are threat, but I am guessing it will be too late.

Redemption Island

3. Barfy - I'm sorry, it's just that the two others, are better.

2/1 - Silver - You have a good chance, just start to edit!

1/2 - Uros - Same as Silver

So..... I think Barfy will go home. While Silver and Uros have a good fight if Silver will decied to edit.

And for the barf bags....... Mikey (for immunity), OHF, AJ, Comic......... the voted out contestant will be either Poli or Ishni, it's really hard to choose one, but I am guessing that if Uros was eliminated instead of Ishni (which Uros is less threating then Poli), so I think Poli might get the boot.

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