So since everybody are having their thoughts and opinions and open huge threads about new info and who should come back to this new TD Season, I'm gonna have a quick blog of my own with short thoughts of who I /basically/ think needs to come back from all the first 3 casts.

Original Cast

Who I don't wanna see:

Ezekiel - no

Katie and Sadie (together): I won't mind one of them coming back alone (Sadie would actually be a pretty fun returnee imo) but together they will just annoy the bajeebees out of me.

Gwen - Gwen is the one character from the five who competed in all four season (the others are Linds, Heath, Court, and Duncan) to get progressively worse each season, but in AS she was just a joke so no.

Beth - I don't know what she can bring more to the table anymore after TDA, and even then when she "peaked" she wasn't that good.

Geoff - I like Geoff but he literally just won a season already (even if it was a spin-off) and I don't think he can bring much more unless they turn him in dark like in TDA.

Who I won't mind seeing again, but won't totally shread a tear if he doesn't:

Trent - I think Trent already spent all of his usefulness in TDA, and like Beth/Geoff I don't think he can bring that much to the table. However, he was still OK in TDI and I would rather have him than someone like Rodney or Scott or something.

Noah and Owen - We saw SO MUCH of them in RR already, and while Owen was alright in RR, Noah was a total mixed bag so I'll rather have Owen come back and be booted early, and leave Noah's legacy at that.

DJ - DJ is a likable character and all but like Trent most of his usefulness was already used, so I dunno what they will do with him. (PLIZ NO ANIMAL CURSE)

Bridgette - Bridge, like DJ/Trent is likable and all but I don't see what they can do with her, especially since TD is so wacky now and Bridgette is one of the only normal characters that are still left.

Cody - Cody is a character who I feel has a potential but always character-dependent to be funny, weather it was Gwen or Sierra. Still, I wouldn't mind if he gets another shot.


Duncan - Duncan is a character I LOVED in TDI and even though I liked him at various moments in other seasons he was never as good as he was back in the old days and I don't think there is much of a plot they can give him now, sadly.

Courtney - I love Courtney to death and she's like a top 3 if not top 2 character imo but it's clear after All-Stars that the writers don't know how to write for her anymore other than being a joke, and I don't want her to get more bad treatments from them so yeah. But still she's so funny and could make for great interactions so I would like her to come back for a little maybe.

Sierra - Girl's hilarious but if they bring her back I would like her more to be her TDWT-self rather than her mixed-bag-TDAS Self.

Alejandro - loved loved loved him in TDAS but I think his legacy should stop there cuz THESE writers could easily taint it.

I Would Like to See them Come back:

Harold - Duh. Guy's hilarious and we haven't seen him since like 2011 on our screens. 

Leshawna - Duh. Girls' hilarious and we haven't seen her since like 2011 on out screens.

Justin - Justin's underrated actually and was definitely one of the better characters in TDA (though i need to rewatch) and I think he could add spunk to the season.

Eva - Pliz yes. Eva' hilarious and totally unexplored potential and WE NEED HER BACK!!

Lindsiot - She's fun and even though she's kinda got overrated in her last few seasons I still think she's a solid addition.

Izzy - Same as Lindsay.

Tyler - A touch overrated but still has decent lines and jokes and I rather have him than like Shawn or Sam or something.


Heather - yes. just yes. She's a fan-favorite and the ONLY character who managed to entertain me consistently throughout FOUR season (the only one who comes close i Courtney but she was treated like a punching bag by the writers in her last season so), she's the type of characters who MAKES OTHER characters interesting and any TD Season without her just doesn't feel like TD imo.

Second Cast:

Who I don't wanna see, ever:

Mike, Zoey, Cameron - no no no. the terrrible trio that destroyed what could have been a good season of TD so pliz don't wreck another one.

Who I simply don't wanna see:

Scott - Was absolutely trash-plie of a character in ROTI and while he improved a bunch in TDAS, completely overrated and a screenhog, so please don't come back.

Sam - I enjoyed him in ROTI and think he's underrated overall but why bring him back when we have HAROLD who's so much better in every way?!

Staci - haha yeah Sadie >>>> Staci.

B - who?

Who I won't mind see again:

Anne Maria - Slightly overrated but still could be a fun addition if they bring bit more diversity to her.

Dakota - Would like to see her back but only if she's un-mutated.

Would Like to see it Happen:

Dawn - I think she has some potential, but that is if the writers would know how to explore it.

Brick - Hilarious!

Lightning - *sha-duh*

Jo - If you read my ROTI Rankings blog, you would know how much I love Jo and think she's clearly the best ROTI character and can absolutely kill it if she would come back.

Third Cast:

Who I don't wanna see:

Rodney - bored me.

Topher - bored me.

Beardo - bored me. 

Leonard - bored me (twice).


The Twins - I enjoyed their stories for what it was but I'm not really sure what they can do with it now, maybe in a second season of RR I would like it but now maybe they should just leave their story at that.

Scarlett - I like her but she basically came to her peak in Scarlett Fever and I don't know if they can do something creative with her now.

Shawn - After rewatching PI I noticed that I REALLY dislike the zombies-gag and the main reason I even sort of liked Shawn was because of Shasmine and how much he truly did cared for her, and I don't think he can get any better than that.

I Would Like to See:

Max - lol

Dave and Sky - Their story ended so weirdly and I think they're both underrated "sane" characters and have some complexity to them that could be fun.

Jasmine - Even without Shawn, she could still be a great character on her due to being very dynamic and charismatic.

Ella - She's more of a running gag but still a lovable one nontheless and completely adorable so I would enjoy her comeback.

Sugar - Freaking hilarious and kind of diverse as a character and would own a new season. Sign her up.

So yeah that was it haha. BarBarTalk · Contributions 11:15, August 5, 2017 (UTC)

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