Hey guys, it's BarBar from Total Drama Wiki, and if you are still interested in me, I decieded to have a little break, since I will not compete in Countdown to 10,000 Season Five. There will many edits I plan to do and I might not to do them today. Sure, I will still be here, but it's unknown if I will be very active, you can still talk to me and I will answer you, but still, since I will not compete It's unknown what will happened to me here. I could prumess that I will try to join to "Countdown to 10,000 Season Six", but until then... I don't know, I think I will say a little goodbye, and mostly talk to you on my talk page. My friends: Ryan, WM, Silver, Mikey, Owenandheatherfan, and Gary, good luck and see ya, if I forgot someone I am sorry.

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