I have just made by now my 600 MS Edit, this is awesome guys, now I will be right back, and there is only 400 more edits to reach my goal, I will probably make it in like two months or month and a half. And it seems impossible from right now, but anyway thanks so all my friend, once again, I love ya!, a Shout-Out!: Silver, Mikey, Ryan, WM, Aimers, CD, Fedora, AJ, Owenandheatherfan, Gary, Comic, Ishni, Poli, Codyfan9000, Nalyd, Musou, Sam and Tulle (which both I met on the IRC) and more!!!!!! Sorry if I forgot someone Ill put you in if you want, even though it is seems impossible to making to 1000 MS edits from now. I will be very happy if I will make it though, anyway, I feel really good.

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