Okay guys, should have post this few days ago, but now I decieded to this.... and as you see the title of the blog, I have passed the 2000 MS edit, and I almost have 3300 edits! So... yeah.........

Shout-outs and thankies:

I will like to thank for Silver and Aimers, who are really nice dudes to me. Perhaps maybe my best friends!

And also, AJ, Uros, OHF, Ryan, Bigez, Mousu, Mikey, Ishni, Comic, TDAwesome15, Tulle, Sam, Jam, Mygeto, Webkinz Mania - very nice and hilarious! people.

And few others special people like CD, TC, FK, Addict, and special thank to Nalyd who helped me by his game to make more edits. Thanks! :D

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