Yes, as you see, I reached my 1000th MS edit and 2000th regular edit (not actually, but still, it's a bit more.. XD), it's way too awesome, so I need to have mentions already, guys. Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped me to reach this goal. I remember two months ago, when I planned this with only half of this goal.

SHOUT OUTS!: Sorry, if I forgot someone I just wanna post it.

  • Intrudgero98 - My first and awesome friend of the Wikia. I hope he will come back soon, and he was the first person who said "hello" to me in my talkpage, it is just too awesome that he was my first friend here, so he is definitly deserve this Shout Out. :D
  • Uros - One of my best friends here and an awesome editor, too. He is really supportive.
  • Spalkers - Do I really need to say? XD Yes! Silver, words cannot describe how much nice you were to me here. Thanks!!!
  • Ryan - Ryan! One of my first friends here on the Wikia, and he is been overall just great to me.
  • SeeDee - She is very supportive, and also so hilarious!
  • Ishni - You are so sweet and nice, and supportive, and sweet (Yes, I said it twice, XD).
  • Musou - Same as Ishni. My weird Cousin so sweet and nice.
  • Comic, AJ, and Big-O! - A trio of great friends overall, pretty awesome people and very sweet to me, all of them!
  • Mikey - Mikey is awesome editor and a great friend, very friendly and nice, too.
  • Codyfan - Awesome worker and great friend.
  • Aims - Awesome, supportive, and I love his Countdown Predictions. He always said to me that if I will compete in Countdown one day, I would be awesome in it, thanks!

There are alot of more users out there, who deserves this mention, but I am too lazy to write mention. Instead, I love you all guys!

There are still more to go about like GwenFan120 and Addict, Feddy, which all awesome! And a bit more, sorry if I forgot someone, I might add you! xD I love you guys. :DDD

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