Hey everyone! I have a theory about B, a character from TDRI. We don't know much about B. All we know is he doesn't talk, his real name is Beverly, and he's really smart. But one thing that we don't know is WHY he doesn't talk. But I think it's because he only speaks spanish, and not english. Think about it. He looks hispanic, he never talks, and he was about to say something when he left. Maybe he was gonna try to say something with the small amount of english he knows, but couldn't since Chris hurled him. We know that he does understand english, but this isn't that odd, because many people who speak foreign languages can understand english, but can't speak it themselves. The reason he doesn't try to say something could be because he doesn't want his white teammates to think he's weird for only speaking spanish, and he's worried they would judge him if he tried to use the little english he knows and messed it up.

So yeah, that's my theory about B. Comment if you agree or disagree!

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