this is my review


Heroes vs. Villains - It was OK. We did have some good competitors and some bad ones. the whole episode focused on everyone. But Lindsay just had to be eliminated first. WRONG CHOICE, WRITERS! WRONG CHOICE!

Grade: B+

Evil Dread - Good episode. I liked how it started. But the challenge didn't make any sense. Lightning is just Lightning, smae with Courtney. Zoey won for her team, and Lighting lost for his team. So he got eliminated.

Grade: B

Lightning Beach

Lightning is just lightning...-_-*

Saving Private Leechball - WTF IS THIS?!?!?!?! MAL MAKES HIS APPEARANCE BY BREAKING OTHER PEOPLES STUFF. SO UNCALLED FOR!!!!!! Anyway, the challenge is to shoot the others with leechball. Where did i see this before, oh yes, OBJECT MAYHEM! (Episode 9 - Hit & Miss) Jo randomly KEEPS FAILING, MAKING THE HEROES GET MORE POINTS (THANKS A LOT, JO!) this is bad. elimination was WAY WORSE! COURTNEY AND GWEN SHOULD HAVE SWITCHED, NOT DUNCAN!!!

Grade: D+ 


way to make your team lose.

Food Fright - no comment. it sucked

Grade: D+

Moon Madness -  SECOND WORST EPISODE EVER! that's it >:(

Grade - D

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