• B-bente-b

    My ranking.

    April 9, 2011 by B-bente-b

    From stupids to the best:

    24. Courtney Because she has a excuses for everything: I am a C.I.T.

    23. Sadie because she's so annoying.

    22. Chef annoying and heartless.

    21. Beth because total drama action she is so annoying.

    20. Justin he is ugly and evil

    19. Katie better then sadie but annoying.

    18. Harold thinks he is everything and broke the leshawna-gwen relationship

    17. ezekiel you know why

    16. eva because she sometime's evil

    15. DJ because sometime's he's lame

    14. trent because he's stupid in tda to gwen

    13.Chris is funny but annoying

    12. tyler because he's so crazy and jealous

    11. Leshawna protect harold to everything .

    10. cody because he's a little bit anoying

    9. geoff i dont know why

    8. lindsay so funny but a little bit to dumb

    7.bridgette so nice!

    6. …

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