TDAS: My Way!!!

Well, for a start, i changed the Character Rosterv and the teams:

Heroic Hamsters: Mike, Zoey, Courtney, Gwen, Owen, Cameron and Lindsay

Villanious Vultures: Sierra, Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, Scott, Jo and Lightning


Sam/Owen: TBH Sam was usless this season and should'nt of been there so Owen is the more Plausible option

Gwen: Gwen is on the Heroes from ep 1

Sierra: Origanaly ( Idk how to spell) , I was just gonna rule Sierra out, But i needed 1 more Vulture. So I put Sierra on there due to her Stalker attidude.

14th: Owen       Episode: Heroes Vs Villains

They have the cliff diving challenge again. Lindsay forgets to push but Owen drowns due to eating to much. Bottom 2: Lindsay and Owen

13th: Sierra       Episode: Evil Dread

They do the statue building challenge. Lightning counts correctly and wins for the Vultures and they party in the Spa Hotel. But, Sierra quits due to Cody withdrawal and quits even though being a Vulture. No bottom 2

12th: Lindsay     Episode: Saving Private Leechball

Lindsay could'nt figure out how to shoot, and Loses for the Hamsters. Bottom 2: Lindsay, Courtney

Team Switch:

After Lindsay gets Eliminated. Courtney gets transfered to the Villains due to using Cameron as a sheild.

So this is how the teams look so far:

Heroic Hamsters: Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Gwen

Villainous Vultures: Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Scott, Jo, Lightning

(Returns): Courtney    Episode: Food Fright

Like Sam did. Courtney cheated as they where behind. The VV Won but Chris revealed that Courtney had cheated and she gets elliminated. No Bottom 2

Episode: Moon Madness

The contestants have the same challenge. The Villains win a night at the spa hotel due to Scotts Farming Skills. But, Heather joins the Heroes due to her being nice due to the effects of the blue moon. Gwen finds a crying Dawn in the forest. Stating that she got lost on the island at last seasons finale. Gwen escorts a crying Dawn back. But Chris states that she HAS to join the Game. Then Dawn quits saying that she never wanted to join. But is instead moved to the Vultures No Bottom 2

How the teams are:

Heroic Hamsters: Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Gwen, Heather

Villainous Vultures: Alejandro, Duncan, Scott,  Jo, Lightning, Dawn

11th: Heather       Episode: No one Expects the Spanish Opposition  

With Heather on the Heroes Alejandro makes his move. He tells Zoey and Gwen to vote for Heather. Bottom 2: Heather, Cameron

10th/9th: Jo & Lightning    Episode: Suckers Punched

Dawn refuses to fight anyone. And gets voted out by the VV. However, Chris reveals that the Heroes will Vote to eliminate the Vultures. Bottom 2: Lightning and Jo. With 2 votes each Chris throws them both out due to budget cuts


Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Gwen, Alejandro, Duncan, Scott, Dawn, *Courtney*

*Courtney Returns

8th: Cameron          Episode: You Reggatta Be Kidding Me

Chris announces the merge and Courtney comes back. Chris says it is an Auto- Ellimination challenge to whoever comes last. As Mal, Mike sabatges Cam's boat. Due to him knowing about Mal. No Bottom 2

7th: Duncan            Episode: Zeek and Ye Shall Find

TBF    To be Finished

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