• AzcoAreo

    Total Drama Island:

    Heather is an Anagram of Hate Her

    Owen and Gwen bothe end with 'wen' and they were both the final two of TDI

    Also, Owen was the first contestant to be seen in the opening sequence and Gwen is one of the last (With Trent and Cody) and they are the final 2

    Total Drama Action:

    In Million Dollar Babies Leshawna sings about Duncan and Beth in a verse, foreshadowing the final 2

    Total Drama World Tour:

    Heather and Alejandro are seen together in the Opening sequence 


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  • AzcoAreo


    December 16, 2013 by AzcoAreo

    I added Myself, Aaron as a char.

    Total Drama Island:

    Not so Happy Campers:  Aaron was exited to be on T.V. and was Placed on the Killer Bass. He Jumped the cliff and landed safley. Everyone But Courtney and D.J jumped. In the end the Gophers built the Hot Tub first. Aaron survived elimination that night and D.j went packing (Bottom 2: Courtney and D.J) 

    The Big Sleep: Aaron was the 17th/22 person to fall asleep lasting 41/48 hours. Courtney started flirting with Aaron and they resulted in kissing after falling on her. In the end it was Duncan V Heather but Heather ended up fainting due to Duncan giving her sleeping pills. The Gophers went to elimination that night and Justin was sent home due to Cheating.

    Dodgebrawl: The male Bass members wake…

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  • AzcoAreo

    TDAS- My Way

    December 15, 2013 by AzcoAreo

    TDAS: My Way!!!

    Well, for a start, i changed the Character Rosterv and the teams:

    Heroic Hamsters: Mike, Zoey, Courtney, Gwen, Owen, Cameron and Lindsay

    Villanious Vultures: Sierra, Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, Scott, Jo and Lightning


    Sam/Owen: TBH Sam was usless this season and should'nt of been there so Owen is the more Plausible option

    Gwen: Gwen is on the Heroes from ep 1

    Sierra: Origanaly ( Idk how to spell) , I was just gonna rule Sierra out, But i needed 1 more Vulture. So I put Sierra on there due to her Stalker attidude.

    14th: Owen       Episode: Heroes Vs Villains

    They have the cliff diving challenge again. Lindsay forgets to push but Owen drowns due to eating to much. Bottom 2: Lindsay and Owen

    13th: Sierra       Episode: Evil Dread


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