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    Hi Guys! I decided to do a fun game to find out who the most poular generation one character is. It is called a hurt and heal. For those who haven't played before, you can read the rules below. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments. Have Fun!


    1. In the comments state who you would like to hurt, and who you would like to heal.

    2. The character being hurt will lose 1 health, while the charcter being healed will gain 1 health.

    3. Maximum health is 10.

    4. No Sockpuppeting or trolling

    5. You can only vote once each day.

    ADMIN NOTE: Please do not fight with other users or share your opinions about their votes on this blog. If you want to ask them about their votes, please go to their message wall. If there is any fighting, useā€¦

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