Hola, Ello, & Bonjour! It's Avi! :P So, as you all MUST know, Season 4 of Total Drama is currently airing! But, I think we ALL have a few eliminations that we don't really like, so I thought I could make this blog so that YOU GUYS could make your very own CUSTOM Total Drama Season 4! Like our beloved AJ's blog, this blog will have questions that you guys will answer, and the most popular answers will become the plot! Let's get started!

Remaining Players

  • Mutant Maggots: Jo, Brick, Mike, Zoey, Anne Maria, Cameron
  • Toxic Rats: Lightning, Scott, B, Dakota, Sam, Staci, Dawn

Currently Eliminated

  1. ? - Truth Or Laser Shark - ?

Episode Plots

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! - For the Season 4 Premiere, the 13 new cast members were introduced, quickly being put into 2 seperate teams, the Mutant Maggots & the Toxic Rats! Diving right into their first challenge after a quick "swim", the teams had a totem race through the campgrounds for first pick on the cabins! The Rats' arrived first, however, the Maggots ended up BLOWING UP the Rat Cabin, causing both teams, in this case, to "tie"!

Truth Or Laser Shark - ?


Episode Your Way Regular My Way
Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! None Staci Staci
Truth or Laser Shark Dakota None
Ice Ice Baby B Lightning
Finders Creepers ? Anne Maria
Backstabbers Ahoy! ? B
Runaway Model ? Jo
A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste ? Sam
The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean ? Brick
? ? Mike
? ? Dawn
? ? Dakota
The Enchanted Franken-Forest ? Scott
? ? Zoey
WINNER ? Cameron


Truth Or Laser Shark

  • Should the Teams end up finishing the first challenge?
  • Should Sam & Dakota wind up together?
  • Should Brick & Jo become rivals?
  • Which Team should win?
  • Pick 1 person from each team to be eliminated.

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