I may really like most of the characters but there are a few that I disliked 

the reason there's only 5 is because I like most of the characters

I won't have obviouse people like Zoey or Mike


Duncan- The reason I hate Duncan is because he's more of a creator's pet than Duncan 

I'll get you for this

For one  he merges every time (like Owen) but unlike Owen he's in the final 8 every time 

and is all ways being a jerk to Harold in Action I can understand it Harold eliminated his gilfriend but in Island he just like being a jerk and when he was in the love triangle Gwen got huge payback while Duncan basicly survived that far and no other contestant besides Tyler brought it up


Courtney- before I get into her I liked her in Island but in Action she was a very pathetic villain she may have ben

How dare you question my strategy

destructive but she wasn't nearly as cunning as the other villains and she replaced my favorite villain in action though besides island she's eather a cry baby saying things are unfair or a pathetic strategist


Monster zeke- he's one of my favorite contestants but once he turned into a monster it's like a giant screw you to all of his fans now he's a biger punching bag than Tyler which he didn't deserve if they wanted to do that they should of made him as hateable as possible like he trys to push people around or something

nothing like turning a character into a monster


Lenord- how did he survive the first elimination he caused the team to loose yet all beardo did was make annoying noises but that's not the worst thing he was just if not more annoying than Berdo, I personaly don't want him back unless he's fodder
Leonard Balls

"I shall deflect your criticism


Sierra- this is the one character I truly hate even before All Stars, she kept hurtin Cody and if they try to make you feel bad for Cody it works, if this was a guy doing this to a character like Leshawna many more people would be upset and when she forcfully kisses Cody that is sad and when they became a couple I was upset she had ben torching him for so long it actually discusses me.

Prepare for a season you'll never forget

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