Ever sense I got into total drama i've ben interested in what would be a good season so before we get into that here's some notes that will go with it

  • I wanted to add Zeke but he dosn't really have much to add
  • The teams will be new along with the eliminations and finalists
  • Team squid- Max,Justin,Cody,Katie,Bridgett,Dawn,Noah,tyler,sam,scott
  • spider squad- Trent,Eva,Jo,Leshawna,Lindsey,Beth,Harold,Dj,Dakota,Izzy,Brick

Day 1

Challenge: you have to face your'e fears or else you're team gets shocked (a combo of season 1 and season 6 challenges)

Winners: The squids

Losers: spider squad

Bottom 2: Scott and Sam

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Sam was flirting with the enemy so scott tryed convincing people to vote him of, Scott is the only real villain on the team so they don't trust him

Eliminated: Sam

Reason of being eliminated: He was flirting with Dakota

Comment: I have big plans for him later don't worry

Day 2

Note: dokota joins an evil allience with Eva and Jo

Challenge: they must go around the island looking for items Chris wants but they have to avoide being found Chef every player they loose the bigger the penalty

Winners: The squids

Losers: Spider squad

Bottom 2: Max and scott

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Max and scott both tried to cause their team to loose however Max was the only one that was found out

Eliminated: Max

'Reason of being eliminated: 'He tried sabotaging the team

Comment: he may be the only PI contestant but that's not a reason he should merge

Day 3

​Note: Justin convinces the girls into an allience

Challenge: It's like the one in Action where everyone gets sick but they're actually sick (only did this because Chris would definetly do that)

Winners: Spider squad

Losers: the squids

Bottom 2: Dj, and Dakota

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Dj was a target to the villains due to him being liked by everyone and Dakota was chosen due to her not helping the team

'Eliminated: 'DJ

Reason of being eliminated: he was a target to the villains 

Comment:  Dj most of the time dosn't deserve to make it as far as he does but this time it's different (I also couldn't think of a plot)

Day 4

​Note:  Harold,beth,lindsey and Leshawna form an alliance

Challenge: The team must make a painting of Chris in all his glory

Winners: The squids

Losers: Spider squad

Bottom 2: scott and Justin

Reason of being in the bottom 2:  justin was voted out by scott  because Justin found him out, Justin got his allience members to help eliminate Scott

Eliminated: scott

Comment: He may have ben villainous but he's already had his time in the spotlight

Day 5

​Note: Noah and Justin become rivals

Challenge: You have to show your talent but if he dosn't like it then you got an extra challenge and if you fail that you're team looses a point

Winners: spider squad

Losers: The squid

Bottom 2: Izzy and Dakota

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Izzy was crazy and that helped the villains get her eliminated, Dakota's skill wasn't very appealing to Chris and she had failed at the challenge

Eliminated: Izzy

Reason of being eliminated:  the villains convinced the team

'Comment: 'Izzy wouldn't have that much of a plot due to her being on a differnet team than Noah

Day 6

​Note: Dawn is focused on Eva and Jo and dosn't relise Justin is evil yet

Challenge: A giant obstacle course but as a twist Chris added a giant monster where if you fall it may hurt you

Winners: spider squad

Losers: the squids

Bottom 2: Beth and Brick

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Brick is in the bottom two due to him not being in an alliance, Beth is in the bottom two due to tripping and messing it up for her team because she was amazed by Justin

Eliminated: Beth

Comment: Beth has already had her best season and I mainly brought her back because she deserves to come back

Day 7

​Note: dawn notices Justin seems to be suspicious and teams up with Noah because he also dislikes Justin, to make sure he dosn't loose Justin invited Cody and Tyler on the team

Challenge: they must make a tiki idol and put it on top of a Chris statue

Winners: The Squids

Losers: Spider Squad

Bottom 2: Bridgett and Justin

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Bridgeott is dating Geoff so Justin's effect is less efficient on her so he tries getting rid of her before she leaves the allience, Justin because of the other allience

Eliminated: Bridgeott

Comment: She definetly needs to come back and have a good season but her plot would be pretty limited

Day 8

​Note:  Justin notices he's starting to loose his grip on people, Tyler starts getting suspicious due to being tricked  by another handsom villain

Challenge: they must name every contestant and something about them

Winners: The Squids

Losers: Spider Squad

Bottom 2: Noah and Dawn

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Dawn get tripped up by Justin who told her the wrong information, Justin dosn't like Noah

Eliminated: Noah

Comment: Noah had plenty of screen time in the last season so he wouldn't make it the farthest but hey atleast he got good screen time

Day 9

​Note: Eva,Jo, and Dakota take in Brick to their alliance only to out number the heroes, Katie and Trent start getting in a relation ship

Challenge: go into a mine and find several gems due to the show spending alot of money on PI

Winners: The Squids

Losers: Spider Squad

Bottom 2: Katie and Dawn

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Justin wants to get rid of Dawn as fast as possible, Katie cost the team becaus Justin secretly stole the gem and gave it to Eva

Eliminated: Katie

Reason for elimination: Justin saw she was in a relationship and knew she may break away from the alliance so he had to get rid of her

Comment: I finnaly use Trent and Katie to bad it's too late, But I just can't see Katie merging

Day 10

​Note: Justin feels scared he will get eliminated any day now, Trent trys and hide under the team radar so he isn't eliminated

Challenge: they must make a robot and get it to destroy the other team base and steal the flag (some people will protect the base)

Winners: Spider Squad

Losers: The Squids

Bottom 2: Trent, and Eva

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Trent was the only one not on the team to not be in an allinace and Eva failed at keeping the base safe

Eliminated: Trent

Reason of being eliminated: The villains targeted the most vulnerable apponent

Comment: I do like Trent but besides the Katie part he has no real plot

Day 11

​Note: MERGE, Sam is back, and the villain alliance invited Justin in and kicked out Brick, Cody and Tyler team up, Dawn joins up with Brick

Challenge: an avalanch happens and they all go in a house where they have to team up to survive 

Winners: Sam was the first to make it to Chris

Losers: others

Bottom 2: Dakota and Justin

Reason of being in the bottom 2: both are antagonists and didn't really help the others

Eliminated: Dakota and Sam

Reason of being eliminated: Sam asks why he's eliminated and Chris says "I only brought you back to get rid of Dakota her repetadly bring the paporatsy is starting to irritate me" as it goes to a flash back of Justin giving Chris the idea

Comment: This may seem like a bad elimination but I just see Chris doing this and probobly not caring

day 12

​Note: Lindsey feels excluded in the alliance due to Harold and Leshawnas relation ship

Challenge: You must find a spacific animal like in season 1 but as a twist are robotic monsters

Winner: Jo

Loser: others

Bottom 2: Harold and Justin

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Tyler felt like Lindsey liked him more so he got Cody, Brick and Dawn to help him, while Harold is disliked by most people there

Eliminated: Harold

Reason of being eliminated: Jo relised Lindsey feels left out of the alliance so Justin used his looks to convince her which upset Tyler

Comment: I do love Harold but he has no real plot at the moment

Day 13

​Note: Justin wants to be the leader of the villains so he tries to get rid of Jo and Leshawna is mad at lindsey

Challenge: you must pare up with two people and make a play and wow Chris

Winners: The villains

Losers: Dawn,Leshawna, and Lindsey

Bottom : Dawn 

Reason of being in the bottom: The villains got to choose who's eliminated and Justin convinved them to get rid of Dawn

Eliminated: Dawn

Reason of being eliminated: Justin got exposed by her and he wants to get his revenge

Comment: Dawn my have had a plot with Justin but I need him to do some evil acts so sorry Dawn fans hey atlest she merged

Day 14

​Note: Justin is tired of taking orders from Jo and Lindsey tries to make it up to Leshawna, Brick also joins up with Tyler and Cody

Challenge: they must race around the island by air, water, or land

Winner: Justin

Loser: others

Bottom 2: Jo and Cody

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Jo was second to get there while Cody is in the bottom because of his  popularity

Eliminated: Cody

Reason of being eliminated: he's to nice and that may make him a threat

comment: He's already had his best season and he really dosn't deserve to go further

day 15

​Note:Tyler is trying his hardest to keep Lindsey into him

Challenge: You have to be honest about your feelings about other contestants or everyone else is shocked everytime you're honest about other contestants the more points (the reason others get shocked is so they want you out more)

Winners: Jo

Losers: others

Bottom 2: Eva and Lindsey

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Eva intimadates the others and lindsey got most answers wrong

Eliminated: Eva

Reason of being eliminated: She was too intimadating

Comment: too many antagonists right now and it's still a pretty good placement


​Note: Final 6 and Brick along with tyler team up with Lindsey and Leshawna

Challenge: Chris chose Jo to scare the others if she scared them she wins imunity and an imunity idol

Winners: others

Losers: Jo

Bottom 2: Jo, and Lindsey

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Jo had lost her challange and Jo dislikes Lindsey

Eliminated: Jo

Reason of being eliminated: Justin got them to get rid of her because this was his big chance

Comment: I really just left Jo in is because she's one of the few 2nd gen contestants but also because I like how she could be a good antagonist

day 17

​Note: Justin now feels open to attack so he tries to think up a new strategy

Challenge: they will all get paint ball guns and shoot robotic animals and the score will be tallied up

Winners: Justin

Losers: others

Bottom 2: Lindsey and Tyler

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Justin wanted Tyler gone so Lindsey would be all his to use, Lindsey had gotten a lower score and her stupidity iritated Brick and Leshawn

Eliminated: Lindsey

Reason of being eliminated: Her relationship was a threat

Comment: She had some good plot but was a little less important

day 18

​Note: Tyler is upset and thinks Justin caused her elimination, final 4

Challenge: must go through Chef's army camp

Winners: Tyler

Losers: others

Bottom 2: Justin and Brick

Reason of being in the bottom 2: Justin was the only antagonist left, Justin thought Brick was a threat

Eliminated: Justin

Reason of being eliminated: he's not the most athletic person ever

Comment: I may like Justin which may have swayed it a little but a physical challenge is perfect for his elimination

Day 19

​Note: Leshawna knows Tyler and Brick might team up on her so trys to pin each other against each other but feels bad about it so stops at the last second

Day 20

Challenge: Trivia

Winners: Leshawna and Brick

Losers: Tyler

Reason of being in the bottom : he's not the smartest contestant ever

Eliminated: Tyler

Comment: Tyler is a very likable character and I did want to make him a protagonist but he's not all that finalist material

day 21

The finalist: Brick and Leshawna 

Challenge: they most answer hard questions while runing and avoiding painful objects (they can call in help which Leshawna will use it calling Harold which in her ending which causes her to will)

I think this is a good finalie but tell me what you think of the season

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