Hello again gentle people and welcome to a new blog and let's just get into it

Pakhitew island members Obviously they'll appear even if you like them or not and like all-stars more of them will merge than the older casts

Sugar, and Max I like Max he's one of my favorites but I feel like he'd be fodder but mentally I know he or Sugar would be finalists due to being creators pet's heck Sugar's basically Owen

Few RI cast members With revenge of the island they only had 14 characters but that's not the reason only a few would come back. Thanks to All-Stars Zoey,Mike,Sam, and Cammeron are extremely unlikely to me Brick,Jo,scott, maybe lightning or Anne maria, and Dawn

Chris gets alot more evil With how chris acts not there's not much of a surprise if chris goes insane amounts of evil it just gets worst and worst and I doubt that's stopping.

No original cast member is in the finale Due to the original cast having three seasons of winning and winning RR I expect a RI member like Brick wins or Samey.

Now these are just what I am expecting it could all easily be wronge but what do you predict comment it below

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