Hello guys, villains are an important part to total drama so I went around looking at what people thought of for future villains some were good some were bad so lets get into it

Jo Starting with the most likely Jo was shown to be strategic in the two seasons she's ben in with her forming alliances with Cammeron and Lighting she could be a very manipulative villain but with the twists of her being pretty strong

Scarlet This is one of my personal favorite possibilities Scarlet could dress up as a liked contestant like Bridgeotte or Owen and use their friends without them even realizing

Max This isn't every going to happen unless he hots his head and somehow turns evil he's more likely to be a manipulated minion

Amy She'd be a good manipulated partner where someone promises to eliminate Samey but they get something in return but she's not a very manipulative person so I don't see her as main antagonist

Dave He'd also be a good manipulated person who promises to eliminate Sky but in return he has to do something for her/he

Duncan He's probably the stupidest choice for antagonist he's just a bully that makes him more an anti-hero then antagonist

And those are the my choices for new antagonist To me Scarlet and Jo are the best choice

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