Befor we get into it I will not feature Blainley she's already dis-confirmed

Silent B Like it says in his name he is silent meaning unless he learnes to talk he has a very slim chance even if he returns he'd just be fodder.

Staci If she returns which is unlikely they may do what they did to zeke to her; now I don't like her but I don't that to happen to any character .

Zeke With Zeke they could still use him as a cameo but not as a contestant obviously with how he is now he's not gonna be competing anytime soon. Cameo wise I hope he doesn't come back because of his happy ending

Dakota Like Zeke she's a mutant so I doubt Chris would let her back on but she's more likely than Zeke due to her rich dad.

Mike, Zoey, cameron, and Sam Like in my last blog I say they're unlikely to come back strictly because of All-stars. Cameron and Sam are more likely than Mike and Zoey but not by too much sense they were all still derailed

Rodney After PI most people dislike him, even more than people like Sugar and Max. Plus he wasn't very funny so I find it unlike

Lenord He already had two chances and was in the first two out twice. Also against him is that he's probably one of the most hated characters in that season alongside Dave but Lenord also has no plots at the moment

In the comments tell me who you think are unlikely to return

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