In the newer seasons people have gotten upset due to either them being controversial or unrealistic like the wizard lenord, so if they decide to make more contestants maybe they'll try contestants like these

1)jinxed, he would be a good choice for a protagonist and a good excuse for slapstick humor and they could do a plot line were some trys to help him before he gets serious hurt kinda like Cammeron and Mike

2)tryhard, he'd try his hardest to win and could eiher be manipulated alliances member or fodder

3)class president, he may be a little similar to courtney but he'd be a little more cunning and would eliminate anyone who try's to be team leader

4)conspiracy theories, this one is also similar to an already existing contestant (shawn) but would be a little different he'd be more crazy talking about aliens and wearing a tinfoil hat

5) scardy cat- this is kinda like cammeron where he's always inside so isn't use to the outside world he would be a good protagonist but I see him better as fodder

6) collector, he'd be kinda like sam accept a little more overdoing it where he is kinda a horder and collects valuable collectables (imagine a younger comic book guy

7) imaginative person, he could find creative way to solve problems his team faces and maybe would help the jinxed person and his problem

8) animal trainer, this person would probably be fodder but he could try and train animals to help to help his team if he wasn't fodder he'd either be comic relief or a secondary antagonist using animals to attack people he wants eliminated

9) prankster, this character would be like TDI duncan but pranks everyone and less evil I primarily made the connection because if they make a prankster/jockster but looks like a clown I'd probably be disappointed, he'd either be fodder or secondary antagonist

10) dancer, I mainly chose this because they haven't made a dancer contestants yet though I'm pretty sure the contestants would probably be 1st out

11) the man with many skills, he'd be able to use both hands and is good at most of the challenges this character may be a bit over powered so he'd be the perfect person to be manipulated out

12) a hunter/survivalist, this character may go into Jasmine territory but would be different he makes items to help in challenging but also has an amazing aim (his name will be hunter)

13) the bad guy gamer, I am a big fan of Sam but if you play games you'll know most gamers aren't that nice so I thought up this guy he'd probably cheat because he might use them in video games and he will probably use strategies from games

14) history geek, this one will be a little like Harold except only about history but he does have some differences like how he will use strategies people from history have used (like giving an antagonist a wooden horse with a racoon in it)

15) a snitch, there's two ways they could pull this of one they could have her snitch his teams strategy to the enemy for something in return or way number two she could snitch to Chris kinda like what owen did but more effectively

16) jerk, this is a little different then Jo or other antagonists, he would annoy people on perpose like jump scaring the scardy cat guy or triping people so a little like Duncan but would probobly either be very minor antagonist or be a lesser contestant in the competition

17) snarcky, he'd prettend he's better than everyone else and try to show them up but when he looses he'd say they cheated and act like he would've wo, he'd either be an antagonist if he tries eliminating someone who beat him or a rival who dosn't really do anything evil

18) ginger, a little like scarlet but not over the top like her, if you've heard of the stereotype that Gingers are pure EVIL

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