As you may know RR (or Radonculous race) was very successful and I wouldn't be surprised if they continue doing it so I thought up some possible teams and please comment you're opinion on it

The fans- this team will consist of topher and sierra I may not be a fan of sierra but this team makes allot of sense to me they're both mega fans and it just feels right

The jocks- this team is Eva and Jo this one is a little more obvious of a choice and they've both never ben the primary antagonists so this could be a good chance for them to be antagonists

Rappers- this team has beardo and harldo due to them bother doing beat boxing or something similar this team however would most likely be fodder

Farmers- rodney and scott could also be antagonist or actually be protagonist due to scott becoming a better person during all stars and a main reason this would happen is due to their fan art

Handy men- B and Cammeron are both extremely good with machines and may have became friends due to this though sense B can't talk and people hate the terrible trio at the moment they'd probably be fodder

Under dogs- owen and beth are both contestants that are physically and mentally weaker then the other finalist in their seasons and most people wouldn't think they be finalists (in their world) (Owen in real life wouldn't likely make it as far every season which makes him the underdog of the seasons)

Reality tv pros2.0- heather and alahondro make it far in almost every season they make it in so I thought they'd be perfect for the pros title in this

Now for the new teams Brothers- they'd basically act like the step bros except one is 5 years older so it's like a childhood rivalry if you've had an older brother this one will make plenty of sense

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