Hello gentlemen and others and welcome to a new post that I'm excited to make. now I will be doing episode I will have a roll in my interactions and my elimination episodes

In the competition I'd be a wuss whose unathletic and hates getting dirty, who isn't the brightest but still likes mocking people Season 1

I'm on the screaming goffers

Not so happy campers- during the challenge I chat with ezekiel due to us both being antisocial. Heather would push me in do to me being a wuss. Once I land in the water I go inside a shark and you don't see me again till Owen launches me into the air.

The big sleep- In that episode I join Heather's alliance due to me knowing I have no chance without an ally (I'm the 10th one out due to me being bad at sleeping)

Dodge brawl- I go in twice but fail both times. I laugh at Noah's jokes which causes the others on the team to get mad at me and I end up in the bottom two

The sucky outdoors- While outside I hold the team back so They all head away faster causing me to get lost and join up with the other team were I chat with Harold.

Phobia factor- in the competition I'm afraid of the dark and fail due to me feeling something touching me so I ran out but I'd find out it's Chris

Paintball deer- I join Beth and Heather as me and Beth went out to grab Heather food. Once Beth talked back to her I kept quiet just in case

If you can't take the heat- Once Owen eats the food I criticize his stupidity

Basic straining- due to me being unathletic I do Terrible

X-treme torcher - when Bridgette and Gwen ask me if I wrote the haiku I said no I don't have skills this good but I was happy to help them. In the challenge I helped Chef take Trent to the nurse tent.

Brunch of disgustingness- in the challenge I sit there repulsed by the food so I avoided the food but Duncan shoved it down my throat. After the first challenge Heather tells me to throw the challenge it's not like I'll be eliminated or anything. But when the guys lost Chris said the one who did the worst will be booted from the competition causing my elimination.

While at the resort I'm shown hanging out with Zeke and feeding Harold in the episode I tell Courtney to chill out because she was annoying causing me pain.

The very last episode- I'm on Gwen's team due to Owen eating the team's food making us loose and become I like her more anyway

Total drama drama drama drama Island- While everyone went to hunt for the million I waited at the dock to take it. Once Izzy dropes the case I snatch it up but before I run Owen and Dj ramed into me ontop of the board

Action I'm on team screaming gaffers

Monster cash- I'm the 2nd one captured by the monster due to me being slow but not fat enough to destroy the monster

Alien resurr-eggtion - I join Gwen and Trent due to them knowing about aliens. In the episode I call Duncan a nerd about how much he knows about aliens putting me at odds wich is why he pushed me towards chef in the challenge, though I was happy to be on the other team due to this

Beach blanket bogus- in the challenge I stay up for 10 seconds due to me laying down holding on for dear life, when we go to the beach I ask Justin if I can join his alliance due to being given protection but I also know he isn't strong enough to do anything to me or his teammates.

3:10 to crazytown- in this challenge I bond with Harold due to us both not liking Duncan and not being the most social out of the groups. In the horse challenge I jump of and land on the horse. In the horse challenge when I catch Duncan he takes it of and ties me up.

The chefshank redemption- in this episode I let the other guys brake open the door and escape due to me not really wanting to help. In the food challenge I barely touched anything due to it being disgusting. In the episode I sit in the cart because I didn't want to push Owen.

One flu over the cuckoos- in the episode I don't read the book because I'm just lazy so I just eat the pizza not worrying about what may happen. Later I join Duncan and Leshawna to try and cure people but soon me and Duncan are effected

The sand witch project- during the challenge I scream from Beth because of me being paranoid. Once the other team tries to scare us I want to run away the most but listened to reason.

Masters of disaster- once Owen is hit in the jaw I laugh at him as I say "now that's karma". In the submarine challenge I get a little claustrophobic making me useless to the team

Full metal drama- I vote out Izzy due to my alliance and because she almost blew me up in the challenge

Ocean's eight-or nine - In the challenge I get mad that the other team didn't make it with their entire team but Chris said it was legal. Once Courtney is back on the show I got mad at how annoying she was but I made an alliance with her only because later I could dump her when given the chance. In the elimination me and Courtney eliminated Owen due to me wanting revenge on him for causing us to loose

One million bucks B.C- when we get to the fighting with clubs I easily get smacked down by Duncan. Once I fail me and Harold started chatting about Duncan and how great it'd be to be on a team with us two instead of him.

Dial M for merge- in the episode Harold invites me to his alliance which I join giving me the advantage due to already being in two other alliances

Super hero-Id - I dress up as puppy man a man who can smell from miles around and hear hours away from where I am which got ok scores. In the obstacle course I got second best due to pure luck. Courtney found out I was in two other alliances making her want me out but I was saved by one vote

The princess pride- in the challenge I fail at the first part where I was the ugly ogre. Once I fail I yell at Harold and Justin to beat Duncan at all costs.

Get a clue- while getting Dna Duncan punches my gut and steals my hair and finger prints. Latter on I would steal Lindsey due to me noticing how easy she was. Once Chris dies I have a panic attack and once I wake up I noticed Duncan being chained up and I asked what happened and they said Duncan is the culprit. When Courtney started telling why not to trust Lindsay I joined Courtney even though I hated her. Once Chris showed up again I screamed zombie and jumped out the window so thankfully it was stopped. At the elimination I'm shown with an arm cast, Courtney got Duncan to help eliminate me because I tried using her before. In the end Courtney got Lindsay to help and in return Courtney would be nicer to her and Beth.

World Tour I'd be on team Chris is really really really hot

Walk like an Egyptian- in this while in the pyramids I join Noah and Owen. Once we're out of the pyramids I join Noah and Owen's team. While crossing the river I look terrified.

Anything Yukon do, I can do better- while jumping over the shards I push Owen in to ride his frozen body to the other end. Once we reached the finish line I thank Owen for helping us win

Broadway, baby- while climbing up I sat ontop of tied up Owen so I didn't have to climb. Once we reach turtle park were I root for Tyler to get it done. When Noah is lost I go in the confession saying how everyone on the team is bad and how I'm suppressed they haven't eliminated someone yet

Slap slap revolution- while in the first challenge I choose to hold back Izzy due to me not wanting to touch they rotten meat. When Owen eats the meat I yell at him due to him destroying our chance of winning which then made him throw up on me. Once they go up for the dance challenge me and Noah mock and laugh at Cody

The Am-AH-Zon race- when Owen hits Al in the face I make a joke at him causing him to get mad at me. While at the zip line I get ontop of Owen and once we land in the water I ride him as a surf board. While walking me and Noah start cracking jokes about the other contestants

Newf kid on the rock- I row the boat with Noah which makes us go a little slow so Al switches positions. Due to our team having more people I didn't have to help in the second part.

Jamaica me sweet- while in Jamaca I visit Owen and Izzy and I said "I may hate you but even I feel bad about this". While at the diving cliff I sat down while Tyler did the work. In the second half I sat out due to our numbers, once Owen gets stuck and costs us time a yell why did we let him back in.

I see london- While looking for the reaper I get scared while looking for the reaper so I was a draw back to the team. I was in the last people around with Noah and Owen. Me and Noah solved the clues while I used Owen as my pack mule. When we reached the elimination me, Owen, and Noah voted Al which caused a tie breaker

Greece's pieces- due to the teams having an equal amount of teammates I sat out. While the competitions happened I criticized the team for loosing so many times putting me at odds with the others. Due to acting this way and being a jerk I was chosen for elimination but was switched to the other team.

The Ex-files - while on the plot Heather tries to manipulate me which I declined due to me knowing she's bad news. While in the challenge I laid low to avoid anyone trying to target me. While in the area 51 I follow Cody and Sierra because the other 3 were kinda evil/mean.

Picinic at Hanging Dork- as a tie breaker they had to try and convince me why they should stay in. Eventually I chose to eliminate Gwen due to her already being a finalist.

Sweden sour- while making the boat I sat next to Cody were I discussed alliances but he declined. While driving the boat I talked to Sierra and Cody about elimination Courtney but when she heard me she threatened to hurt me. When Owen flys into our ship I tell Courtney about how great she was as captain. Due to my mutiny Courtney got Heather and Sierra to vote me out.

Hawaiian punch- I'm on Heather's team

Revenge of the island cameo

Bigger, Badder, Bruta-ler- on the boat I'm with Leshawna harold and Dj dancing

Ice ice baby- in the first challenge they got me to try and climb the mountain but Chef almost automatically nocks me out, then in the second challenge they get me to show of how the challenge works but I soon get blown up

All-stars I'm on the villainous vultures

Heroes vs villains- while diving for the key when the shark came at me I swam away as fast as possible but came out with a screw not a key

Evil dread- while looking for keys I noticed Sam and how he's like Owen which made me relieved I'm a villain. After seeing Sam with a piece of the statue I went over and threw it in the crab pit. once lightning failed the team I pushed him into the crab pit.

Saving private leechball- while I have my leech gun I try and get Zoey out due to her being a threat but she had bested me. When I see Sam with the leeches on him I tell him he's not very good at this which made him sling shot one of his leeches on me.

Food fright- Sam realized I was treating him like trash so when he found a racoon in his pancake he threw it all me. once I ate a good amount I ran for the challenge but I vomited. Once the challenge was over I put some pancake in Sam's pants to make it look like he cheated

Moon madness- while walking around I chat with Scott to form an alliance but once he started talking I knew he wasn't the smartest person making him a good target. When the bridge was broke I decided to join Gwen due to my fear of heights, while walking with Gwen I talk to ber about Duncan and how he doesn't seem to be into her to make Gwen upset which could cause her elimination.

No eggspects the spanish opposition- when Cam is on our team I tell him to avoid Sierra because I've seen how she treated Cody but in the confession I say I want to make Sierra so sad she'll keep loosing it for her team. While at boney island I guard the eggs due to me being afraid of the monsters that live in there

Sucker punched- in this I fight Chref in a ghost costume but due to me passing out in fear I loose. I did end up in the bottom two however

You regatta be kidding me- in this I jump on Mal's boat when he doesn't notice me so I get an advantage. Once on the boat I try to push of Mike but he pushes me off. I eventually join Scott and Duncan's boat though. While on the boat I discuss an evil alliance which they agree to.

Zeek and Ye shall find- when I talk to Zoey about how Mike threw me of my boat she says people have ben warning me about Mike which is when I tell her watch him like a hawk just in case. In confessional I say "tearing apart couples is so much fun".in the challenge I join Al due to him being the least annoying to me. While at zeke's cave I panic and break open the cell doors but by then zeke escaped. Once Cam is eliminated I realized Scott's my last alliance mate causing me to get mad.

The obsta-kill Kourse - in the obstacle course I get last place. When I heard of Mal's plan I knew Mike wouldn't do that so I join Al in trying to eliminate him. Due to Scott not helping me in challenges or eliminations I dump him from the alliance. When I dump Scott Mal realized no alliance equals easy out

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