Hello gents and welcome back to a new blog. Today I wanted to do something that's less of predicting and more what could've ben but let's just get into it

More contestants With the contestants they had they were all all-stars but there were many contestants who should've qualified Dj,Harold, maybe Cody,Beth, and Owen thought to even it out Brick and Ann Maria would also work.

More episodes Everyone wanted this so I'm just gonna move pat this quick. With more episodes they could've fleshed out Mal or make the characters not very stupid.

Different finalists With Zoey sure she worked hard for it but Mike won no challenges. And it would've ben nice to see an original contestant in the final two.

Suprise eliminations I like what Art draw 12 had said about suprise eliminations and how in season 1 they made it so multiple people screw up so it's a suprise who goes. In all-stars most eliminations are predictable especially Heather's elimination I mean it's ok to have some predictable eliminations but basically all of them predictable.

So what do you think could have improved All-stars

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