Hello and welcome back to another blog (and yes I know I'm late to the discussion) after the announcement I've been thinking "who has a good chance of competing". I personally think it'll be more than the 1st gen (mainly because PI has unfinished plot) so I believe there will be three teams for each generation of contestants with 8 for originals and 7s for the other two generations, and with no further ado here's my personal list (tell me what you think)


Gwen- she's one of the big 5 so there's already an advantage but she also has her plot with Courtney which could be continued if they want to do.

Courtney- she's one of the few contestants to compete in each season and has a decent amount of plot left even plot without Gwen, she's got a ex-relationship with Scott, and had a one way rivalry with Zoey (granted it was very minor)

Lindsay- she has a lot of resons to compete again which consists of her competing in every season, being a fan favorite, and could have some good plot with Tyler thanks to them breaking up

Tyler- Tyler is a fan favorite and like I said with Lindsay he could have a plot with them breaking up.

Bridgette- after Geoff had his time in the light people have been wanting Bridgette to do good for a change which could happen thanks to her being a fan favorite and competing in the first three seasons

Harold- this doesn't just include bias from me (granted I do love him) like most of the other contestants on the list he's competed for three of the season and most people would say he deserved to be in All-stars. He's also a very popular contestant, who has possible plot with Leshawna and their relationship.

Leshawna- Leshawna competed in the first three seasons and was another character who could've competed in All-stars. She's also got possible plot with Harold and bring back Gwen and Leshawna's friendship.

Eva/Noah- the reason I put them both was because I think they both have a pretty equal chance. Eva is a character people have been asking for for awhile now, and Noah is a fan favorite and competed recently, so this spot is debatable.

2nd gen

Jo- a fan favorite who competed in RI and didn't get derailed very much in AS. Jo has been shown to be a good choice for an antagonist which would probably work.

Brick- Brick is the Tyler of gen 2 Brick didn't merge or return in the second season but is so popular that he will probably return for the third season.

Dawn- she's a fan favorite who granted at this point doesn't have plot but she could have some good interactions with Gwen.

Scott- Scott will definitely return thanks to him becoming very popular after AS, he also has plot they could continue with Courtney

Lightning- Lightning is a mixed bag for me, personally I expect him to return but as fodder that is comedic, the fact that he was derailed much in AS does help his case

Anne Maria- to most people Maria is just meh, but compared to other contestants from the season she has very good chances

Sam- the only reason I put him here (besides the fact that he's great) is that the other options are far more unlikely. B can't talk, Staci is far too one-note, Dakota is a mutant, and the terrible trio are hated by most of the community

3rd gen

Sky- her main reason for returning is A) she's a finalist and B) she has her plot with Dave that needs finishing

Shawn- he was a finalist, has his relationship with Jasmine, and we can see if Shawn is still interested in being friends with Dave after what he did

Suger- the main reason she'll be returning is because she's a creaters pet and got third place in PI

Jasmine- she has quite alot of plot left for her including her relationship with Shawn and her interaction with Sammy

Max- Max is another creature's pet who merged which gives him a pretty good chance at returning

Ella/Sammy/Amy- with these three all of them could return (granted Amy and Sammy are more likely) Ella could be involved in a new live triangle with Dave and Sky, while Amy and Sammy could be the main characters who are always competing against each other

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