Hello and welcome to a new blog with me attackin and I know I did something like this awhile ago but I thought of some more ideas that can go with it that wouldn't fit there. First the theme

I think the perfect theme would be a city theme where all the challenges take place in a big city. The names of the team would go with it like team street rats and the sewer crocs.

The contestants I think that would work

James the try hard- someone who tries extremely hard but always fails and tries his hardest to fit in but is unathletic and kinda dumb I could see him be an early out or eliminated before the merge but he's definitely not merge material.

Jerome the dancer- someone who likes dancing and would have trouble not dancing in a challenge, he wouldn't last long

Frank- the class president who would work as an antagonist like Courtney, he would always try to be in charge of his alliance and team and if anyone else tries to be team president he'd destroy them I think he'd be fourth or third but definitely not a finalist.

Brock the rock fan- this one is a bit of an outhere character (due to him being a weird stereotype) who would be purley comedy and most likely wouldn't last long

The jinx Matthew- he'd either be a protagonist or be like Tyler and have some plot but is mostly for slapstick either way I think he could make it far

Hunter the hunter- he would granted be kinda like Jasmine and Shawn from PI where he's a survivor but I think they could probably add something more to it I think he'd have an ok score being eliminated around the merge.

Jack the pervert- he'd be an early out like Ezekiel due to how he acted towards girls but if he makes it past then he could eventually be a protagonist and get a girlfriend or something

Sidney the prankster- this contestant would probably do ok in the contest but would be at odds with others which makes me believe she'd be eliminated pre-merge or an early out in the merge

Sarah the band geek- this contestant would probably be an alliance minion like Beth and Lindsay but like Beth she'd probably be an early out but unlike Beth it'd probably be because she's unpopular because she'd play music while they try to sleep

Tristan the evil ginger- this is another potential antagonist granted they kinda did this with Scarlet but this would probably be a little less over the top but they could do what they did with Amy how they amp him up as an antagonist but is an early out.

Mandy- this contestant would probably make it far. The two possibilities for Mandy would be either she works for Chris which would make her go far or she works for the antagonist and snitches on peoples secrets

George the bad guy gamer- this is another potential antagonist. This guy would cheat and find loopholes in the challenges (like in video games) the contestants could go far or eliminated a little before the merge

Luis an animal trainer- this contestant wouldn't make it far because in the city being good with animals probably wouldn't help.

Daniel the hoarder- the contestants could be interesting or eliminated early but he could do good in several challenges with the stuff he hoards.

Carter the scaredy cat- the contestants wouldn't make it far and would probably be an early out because of a dark challenge

Lily the conspiracy theorist- the contestant would probably be a little like Shawn but they could avoid that with him not talking about zombies. He could merge or be eliminated in a challenge where you have to ask about facts that he thinks are false.

Rylie a detective- this contestant could make it far and even be a finalist in my opinion. This contestant could be like Dawn and find out that who the villain is and try to reveal it.

Nathyn the liar- this contestant could end up like Staci but they could make it a little more interesting where he lies about more than just his ancestors

Alice the cowgirl- this contestant I feel could be finalists material but could just be a merge. She'd be usually positive and say stuff like y'all

Samantha the actor- this contestant could be an early out. Samantha could end up like Dakota but they could change some stuff like Samantha hates it when people annoy her or make her less nice to most contestants

The next part will be about the challenges that could happen in a season with this theme

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