Before I had done a blog about a season i'd want but for this season I tried being more realistic which is why characters luke Justin aren't in this version

Note: in the competition Chris decided to make sky and Samey be villains due to what they did to Amy and Dave

Protagonistic Pandas: Owen, Gwen, Cody, Brick, Dave, Leshawna, Shawn, Jasmine, and Lindsey

Antagonistic ants: Anne Maria, Courtney, Jo, Lightning, Scott, Samey, Sky, Duncan, and suger

Under dogs: Amy, Dawn, Izzy, Noah, Tyler, Max, Ella, Harold, Dj, and Rodney

Note- Now for the part about the drama that they'd probably have to go through (ps. Amy is the antagonist)

Owen- he'd be a good first person out by the antagonist like he gets distracted by cake

Gwen- she's hopeful going to finish her plot with Courtney and really needs to interact with Cody

Cody- he'd probably interact to Gwen due to not having a crush on her any more though Amy could make it look like Cody was trying to cheat on Sierra with Gwen causing his elimination

Brick- obviously he will interact with Jo but he could interact with other contestants like Samey who he thinks is too nice to be a villain

Dave- Amy could try and use Dave's anger for evil and helps him with Sky, he probably would interact with Shawn and Ella two people who may hate him after the finale

Dj- he could interact with Duncan due to them being friends in Island but aren't friends anymore he could interact with Dave who Dj probably thinks should he should forgive Sky

Shawn- He'd interact with Jasmine due to them dating and I think it'd be great if he interacts with Izzy another crazy character and Dave interacting is necessary

Jasmine- she'd interact with Shawn due them dating and would have a rivalry with Amy due to her badly treating Samey and Jasmin would interact with most likely Samey and Sky due to Jasmin being friends with both

Lindsey- Tyler would definitely be her main interaction but she could interact with Courtney due to their rivalry in Action and Amy who thinks Lindsey is dead weight to the team

Now for villains

Anne Maria- she'd probably be at odds with most other antagonists due to her being unlike able to them and could be good fodder due to this

Courtney- she would interact with Gwen due to sunday muddy sundae and Scott due to the episode I said before, she could have some neat interactions with Amy another person who whines if they don't get their way

Jo- she'd have conflicts with most other villains due to her bullying attitude, she'll also interact with people like Brick who she's had conflicts with before

Lightning- he will most likely be fodder again but he could interact with Jo and some more wimpy contestants like Harold

Scott- he'll most likely merge due to him being comic relief but his interaction with Leshawna could be interesting due to him being the white farmer stereotype

Samey- she'd interact with the villains due to her most likely being a target but she could form a friendship with Sky due to both of them being victims to others she'd also obviously interact with her sister

Sky- she'd interact with the villains who may think she's a huge threat so they target her but she'd also interact with Dave

Duncan- he'd interact with Courtney due to them use to date and Scott because he might be jealous though Dj and Harold interact with him would be nice

Suger- personally I want her as fodder but she'll probably be a finalist she'd obviously interact with Sky due to Sky being mad at her because of the finale four challenge and Ella who has ben bullyed by her for most of the season

Now for team under dogs

Amy- as the main antagonist she would interact with basically all the contestants specifically Jasmine and Samey however

Dawn- she'd interact with Amy due to Dawn being able to tell who the antagonist is but she could interact with Ella and Dj two fellow animal lovers

Izzy- her interactions would probably be with Noah and Owen her friends and Shawn a fellow lunatic but she could interact with Dawn due to them kinda being outcast

Noah- he'd inter act with Owen and Izzy due to him being friends with both of them and he should interact with Dawn due to all the fan art about it

Tyler- I'd hope he'd interact with Noah like in World Tour though interaction with Lindsey will be the primary plot for him

Max- he along with Suger probably have the best chance to be finalists due to both being creators pets he could be swapped to the protagonist where he try's extremely hard to be evil but Dj tells him he's not very evil

Ella- she'll interact with Dave and Sky due to the love triangle from PI though interaction with Dj and Dawn would be nice

Harold- I'd like to see him get back at Duncan from what he did in Action and Island, he'd probably interact with Leshawna due to them possibly dating

Leshawna- I think her interact with Scott the white farmer would be neat though the main interaction would be with Harold (I decided she's not an underdog so I moved her to protagonists)

Rodney- he'd fall in love with Amy and would be her alliance mate but he could fall in love with someone like Leshawna which would make Harold mad but people do what him and Scott to interact too

That's all and I hope you all enjoyed

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